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Sony - DVD-R 4.7 GB Recordable Discs (Spindle Pack of 25)
Product Highlights
  • Up to 4x Recording Speed
More Info

The DVD-R 4.7 GB Recordable Discs from Sony contains 25 discs which can hold 4.7 GB of data and are compatible for playback with most DVD video players and DVD-ROM PC drives. The discs can be used to store video, audio, and multimedia files.

Create and store digital video, audio and multimedia files
Holds 7 times more than a CD-R
Quick random access and recording speed
DVD video picture quality
Compatible for playback with most DVD Video players and DVD-ROM PC drives
Format DVD-R (write-once)
Speed 16x
Recording Capacity 4.7 GB
Recording Speed Up to 4x
Printable No
Appearance Blank disc
Direct Over Write (DOW) Cycle 1.0
Track Pitch 0.74 micrometers
Reflectivity 45 to 85%
Wobble Frequency 186.0 T
Disc Diameter 4.72" (120 mm)
Disc Thickness 0.047" (1.2 mm)
Quantity 25 discs