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Accessory Details

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  • You Pay: $104.95
Product Highlights
  • Enables Quick & Secure Filter Attachment
  • Precision-Machined Metal Ring Design
  • Eliminates Filter Jamming
  • Includes Two Adapters and Four Holders
More Info

The Xume 77mm Lens Adapter and Filter Holder Pro Kit from B&H includes two lens adapters and four filter holders to provide quick and easy attachment and removal of four different filters on two separate lenses. The Xume Lens Adapter and Filter Holder system revolves around both filters and lens' filter rings receiving precision-machined metal rings and then utilizing NdFeB rare Earth magnets to facilitate a secure, but easy to remove, connection between the filter and lens. By using a magnetized, non-threaded connection, the chance of cross-threading or jamming filters onto the lens is eliminated and time is saved when swapping filters.