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The GoPro Hero3 Underwater HDMI Video Out Housing from Eye Of Mine uses a FLAT LENS 3D housing. It uses the 3D housing because it allows room for the HDMI cable to come in to the left side, while having a camera on the right side. Both top and front buttons work in the housing.

This housing comes with a 25' HDMI cable. The length of the cable can be extended up to 35’ with the addition of a permanent 10' extension (sold separately). The housing is pressure tested to a depth of up to 40’. The GoPro battery backpack (sold separately) is compatible with this housing. The GoPro battery pack (sold separately) will work with this housing to double your battery life. An optional USB power cable (sold separately) can be used to power this device. The maximum length of the cable for powering this device is up to 10'.

Note! Even though this is a 3D housing, it cannot be used for 3D with manufacturer's modifications. None of the 3D kit contents are included. You may not be able to add any more length to the HDMI cable due to the fact that the micro HDMI cable is very small and lacks the high specs required for long running HDMI cables. The extension may not work on all portable HDMI monitors. The HDMI & USB end outside must be above water. If it is not, overtime, the water will go into the housing through the cable under pressure. Your USB charger must be 1,000mAh (1Ah).

Cable Length 25.0' (7.6 m)
Water-Proof 40' (12.2 m)