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Fotodiox's 6.6" Wide Holder Bracket for WonderPana 66 is a premium grade aluminum holder that attaches securely to either side of the WonderPana 145 Core Unit to upgrade it to the WonderPana 66 system. The addition of this bracket allows 6.6" (168mm) wide square or rectangular filters to be used with your UWA/SWA lenses. This bracket allows the photographer to stack either two square/rectangular filters or one square/rectangular filter and one round 145mm filter.

Premium Grade Anodized Aluminum WonderPana66 Upgrade Bracket
Will Mount Any 6.6" (168mm) Filter to a WonderPana145 Core Unit
Slots for two 6.6" filters to be mounted to a WonderPana Core Unit at once
Material Premium Grade Anodized Aluminum
Width Any 6.6" (168 mm) Wide Filter
Thickness Maximum Filter Thickness: 4 mm
FotodioX 6.6" Wide Holder Bracket for WonderPana 66
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty