B&H Microphone Room

When entering the Microphone Room at B&H in the Pro Audio department one is immediately faced with the realization that outside of a world class recording studio, you will probably never see as great a variety of large diaphragm condenser microphones in one place. There are over 60 microphones represented by manufacturers from all over the world. You will find a spectrum of microphones suitable for everyone. From the beginner who is making their first purchase, to the seasoned pro that has very specific needs. Complimenting the vast array of microphones you will find 26 different microphone preamplifiers. All of which can be combined with any microphone in the room for you to audition.

Pro Audio Microphones

Pictured above are some of the numerous microphones you will find in the Pro Audio department at B&H. In addition to the wide variety of microphones from classic tube and ribbon microphones, to the latest releases from new manufactures. The Microphone Room also functions as a place to compare and test the wide variety of shotgun microphones available to our customers in Pro Audio. Choosing the right shotgun microphone for your audio needs can be an enjoyable experience when you have the ability to listen and compare the numerous offerings from the premier manufactures of shotgun microphones. Being able to hear the shotguns of your choice coupled with the advice from a Sales Professional you can be confident in choosing the right microphone to suit your needs.

Microphone Preamplifiers Rack

There are 26 microphone preamplifiers in the microphone room. Through the use of a professional bantam patch bay you may audition any combination of microphone with the preamp of your choice. The advantage of employing a patch bay rewards the listener with a clean and accurate signal. You will be listening to the sonic properties intended by the manufacturer, free from noise and coloration. The preamps were selected with you in mind. Whether you are interested in an entry level preamp or a top of the line model for your studio, you are sure to find a suitable microphone preamplifier for your needs at B&H.

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