Sections in grey background are common with F5 - easier to remember!




My Personal Settings


Automatic film rewind  at end of film roll

0: Disabled
1: Enabled

Disabled:   Film could bind, causing unintended rewind


Change exposure value steps
(shutter speed, aperture, or
exposure compensation)

3: 1/3 steps
2: 1/2 steps
1: 1 steps

2: I use only print film.  Smaller steps only makes it take longer to get desired setting


Bracketing order

0: center, down, up
1: negative value to positive value

1: Seems more intuitive to me


Autofocus activated with
shutter release button

0: Enabled
1: Disabled

see notes below


Warning indications with
non-DX coded film

0: when film is loaded
1: when power switch is on



Focus area selection changed
to continuosly in same direction

0: Disabled
When focus area is moved to one of outer points, and user tries to go further in same direction, nothing happens.

1: Enabled
focus area movement wraps around past edge to opposite side

1: Useful.


Auto Exposure lock when
shutter release pressed

0: Disabled
1: Enabled

0: If I need this, the AF/AE lock button is available.


Film advance with closing
the camera back

0: Disabled
1: Enabled

1: Not much point of putting film in without loading!


Dynamic AF mode with
closest subject priority
in Single Servo AF

0: Enabled
1: Disabled

1: Why let the camera focus on the closest object?

note when #9 enabled, you cannot select which focus point to use, in dynamic AF mode.


Dynamic AF mode with
closest subject priority
in Continuous Servo AF

0: Disabled
1: Enabled

0: same logic as #10
NOTE setting numbers are reversed!


auto exposure/flash exposure
bracketing options

AS:   Both AE/Flash bracketing
AE: ONLY AE bracketing
Sb: ONLY flash bracketing



switching Command Dial operations
Normal operation is front dial aperture, rear dial shutter speed.  This option reverses those settings.

NOTE #22 must be disabled for #12 to operate.

0: Disabled
1: Enabled

0: I shoot primarily in Aperture-Priority AE mode.  It is much easier to move the rear command dial, than the front. I would like to use CS12-1.

Problem is that F5 (which I use) doesn't offer this option.  Don't want controls different on 2 cameras, so unable to take advantage of CS12, and must stay with CS12-0.


Easy Exposure Compensation
(Set exposure compensation via the main command dial.  Useful with aperture-preferred or program modes.  Much quicker than using the regular exposure-compensation buttons)

0: Disabled
1: Enabled



film advance in multiple exposure

0: single frame shooting
1: continuous shooting



delay time for meter
auto switch-off

4: 4 seconds
6: 6 seconds
8: 8 seconds
16: 16 seconds

16: this is the default value on the F5, and seems to be a minimum useful value to me.


delay time for self-timer

2: 2 seconds
5: 5 seconds
10: 10 seconds
20: 20 seconds



LCD illuminator activated
by pressing any button

0: Disabled
1: Enabled



Data imprint on frame #0

0: Disabled
1: Enabled



Aperture control
With a variable-aperture zoom, on a regular camera body, the actual aperture changes as you zoom.   This makes variable aperture zooms impossible to use with an external meter, or studio lighting.  You don't know exactly what aperture you are using.

With option 0, the camera works convetionally - aperture varies when zooming.

0: aperture value remains

1: aperture step from lens maximum remains unchanged

1: the aperture will stay the same, within the limitations of the lens - very useful!


shutter release confirmation
with self-timer LED

0: Disabled
1: Enabled



AE-L / AF-L button options

0: Simultaneous AE/AF lock

1: AE lock only

2: AF lock only

3: AE lock remains after removing finger from button



Aperture setting with lens aperture ring

0: Disabled
1: Enabled


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