Mamiya 645-AFD III Medium Format SLR Autofocus Camera (Body Only)

Mamiya 645-AFD III Medium Format SLR Autofocus Camera (Body Only)

Mamiya 645-AFD III Medium Format SLR Autofocus Camera (Body Only)

B&H # MA645AFD3 MFR # 211-160
No Longer Available

Product Highlights

  • Cross-Platform Camera - Digital and Film
  • Choose Between Film and Digital Backs
  • Ultra Fast Focusing
  • Silent Coreless Motor
  • User-Selectable Focus Points
  • 36 Custom Functions
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Mamiya 645-AFD III overview

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Mamiya 645-AFD III - Mamiya, the unquestioned leader in the medium format photographic field, has once again designed a camera that not only meets the needs of the photographic community - but far surpasses it. This new version of Mamiya's successful 645 series of cameras incorporates the latest design of auto focus technology.

The 645 series was always a fast focusing camera - even under the lowest of lighting scenarios. This newest version takes that design to the next stage. With a new focusing algorithm, the focus point is now user-selectable to the left, center or right of the frame. Or, you can set it to "auto" and let the camera choose for you - which will usually be the closest object to the lens.

Blazing the path in cross-platform photography, the 645AFD III contains the latest MSCE (Mamiya Serial Communication for External) data transfer technology. All data from your exposure is neatly exchanged between the camera and the compatible digital back. It's all done internally - quickly, efficiently and well organized.

Individual camera preferences such as 1/3, 1/2 or full aperture/shutter speed increments, flash synch speed, dial functions, exposure compensation increments, bracketing sequence, dial direction setting and much more are easily set and recalled in a snap. In addition, separate user configurations can be set and recalled on-the-fly when several photographers are using the same camera.

Finally, Mamiya has designed "Quick Action" buttons which allow you to rapidly access certain functions such as multiple exposure, bracketing, auto exposure lock and auto focus lock. This sophisticated camera has it all - at a affordable price for a machine packed to the gills with the latest technology. Combined with ultra sharp Mamiya optics, this camera is nothing less than a winner in the world of cross-platform cameras.    


Accepts interchangeable 120/220 film magazines, Polaroid proofing backs and digital backs
Auto focus system that's faster and quieter than ever - even under the lowest lighting situations
Latest MSCE (Mamiya Serial Communication for External) data transfer technology
Greater connectivity
Auto focus clutch for certain Mamiya lenses
Full Program, Aperture priority, Shutter Speed priority, full manual, "X" mode and "B" (Bulb) exposure modes
TTL flash compatible
Retractable shutter to prevent damage - remove film magazine and shutter disappears into the housing
Great balance and "feel" to the camera
The first medium-format camera with a magnesium alloy viewfinder cover
Die-cast aluminum alloy body and film magazine
In the Box
Mamiya 645-AFD III Medium Format SLR Autofocus Camera (Body Only)
  • Front/Back Caps
  • Mamiya Strap
  • 6 x "AA" Batteries
  • 2-Year Warranty
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    Mamiya 645-AFD III specs

    Camera Type Autofocus, 6 x 4.5cm, Single-Lens-Reflex camera - Dual platform: Accepts film and compatible digital backs
    Film Back/Loading Interchangeable type; Accepts film insert which switches from 120 to 220 film by rotating pressure plate
    External LCD Display on film magazine shows ISO speed, type of film (120/220), exposure number
    Dark slide pocket
    Also features databus connections to accept digital backs
    Film Type 120 roll film (16 exposures) 220 roll film (32 exposures)
    Polaroid Land Pack Film as well as Fuji Polaroid (any of the 3 1/4 x 4 1/4" pack film series, i.e Fuji FP100C, Polaroid 669, 664, 679)
    Film Speed: ISO 25 to 6400

    Tripod Adapter N or N2 is required with a Polaroid Back. Adapter N2 has a larger base and contains anti-twist pins for secure camera support.

    Lens Mount Bayonet Mamiya 645 AF Mount; M645 Mount can be used with strict limitations (manual focus confirmation, stopped-down metering)
    Also compatible with Hasselblad V series lenses (manual focus confirmation, focus aid, stop-down exposure metering). Requires optional Lens Mount Adapter #310-244 (Black) or #310-245 (Silver)
    Shutter Electronically controlled vertical metal focal-plane shutter 

    AE: 30 to 1/4000 sec. (1/8 step)
    Manual: 30 to 1/4000 sec. (1/2 step)
    X: (locks shutter speed to 1/125th sec. while allowing for full control of aperture values)
    "B": (Bulb, electronically controlled)
    "T" (Time, mechanically controlled)
    Automatic shutter curtain open mechanism (opens when film magazine, Polaroid holder or digital back is removed, automatically closed when re-attached)

    Shutter speed and aperture both can be set in 1/3 or 1/2 steps Electronic dial lock (in X, M, Av and Tv exposure modes)

    Shutter Release Utilizes standard screw-in type cable release located on shutter button
    Remote-Control Terminal: Located on the left side of the body: Electromagnetic Cable Release RE401 (Mamiya #211755) is 5m and coiled; Electromagnetic Cable Release RE402 (Mamiya #211754) is 1m and is straight.
    Self Timer With shutter release mode selector 2 to 60sec. (default setting: 10sec., can be set in 1sec. steps between 2 and 10sec., and in 10sec steps between 10 and 60sec.)
    Flash Synchronization 1/125 sec. or slower, automatically sets to 1/125 when shutter speed dial is set to higher speeds (when Metz flash unit is used). In P mode, the shutter speeds are controlled to 1/125 ~ 1/60 sec.
    Supports Metz SCA3002 system (SCA 3952 adapter required), and SCA 3000 and SCA 300 series (300 series requires both SCA 3952 and SCA 3000C converter)
    Mirror Lock-Up Electronically-activated by Mirror-Up switch on grip
    Exposure Metering 5-segment evaluative center-weighted average (AV) with bright point elimination Spot (S) Variable Ratio Auto-Shift (A-S AUTO)

    Manual (M)
    Flash Sync (X)
    Aperture priority AE (Av)
    Shutter priority AE (Tv)
    Programmed AE (P) with program shift: PH and PL settings possible

    Metering Range: EV 2 to EV 19 (with ISO 100 film, f/2.8 lens)
    Light Metering: TTL metering; center-weighted average (AV), spot (S) and auto A-S variable ration

    Exposure Bracketing Enabled with Auto-Bracketing button (2 or 3 frames selectable) , 0.3, 05, 0.7, 1EV step units selectable
    Exposure Compensation +/-3 EV or +/- 5EV (1/3, 1/2 or 1 steps)
    Depth-of-Field Preview Preview button on front of camera, aperture can be changed during DOF check
    Viewfinder Fixed prism finder magnification 0.71x
    Built-in diopter adjustment (-2.5 to +0.5 diopter
    Separate diopter correction lenses provide adjustment ranges of -5 to -2 diopter and 0 to +3 diopter)
    Built-in eye-piece shield
    Interchangeable focusing screens: Matte (Standard), Checker (Grid) and manual focus microprism for M645 lenses
    Viewfinder Info Focus mark
    Out-of-focus direction marks
    Aperture value
    Shutter speed
    Metering mode (A, S, A/S AUTO)
    Exposure compensation value (difference between set value and actual value)
    AE Lock
    Bracketing Position
    Battery Checker

    External LCD - On camera body::
    Aperture value
    Shutter speed value
    Battery check
    Programmed AE
    Programmed AE shift value
    Data imprinting mode
    Flash Compensation Indicator (Over/Under)
    Auto-Bracketing indicator
    Multiple Exposure indicator
    Self-Timer indicator

    On Interchangeable Film Magazine:
    ISO speed
    Type of film (120 or 220)
    Exposure number
    Buffer for ZD Digital Back v1.1 and newer

    Film Transport Automatic via built-in motor, single or continuous exposures 2 frames per second (with new HM402 Roll Film Magazine)
    Multiple Exposure Enabled with Multiple Exposure Button (2 to 6 exposures or unlimited); can be cancelled. More exposures may be dialed in before exposure set is complete
    Focusing System TTL phase-difference detection type, user-selectable focusing point (center, left, right or auto)
    4 CCD line sensors in a | + | shape (area indicated on the focusing screen, 10.8 x 3.6mm)
    Infrared AF Sub-Beam :
    Activates automatically under low light, low contrast in Single (S) AF Mode
    Switchable On/Off
    Range: 29.5' with 80mm f/2.8 AF lens
    Automatic switching to flash unit's built-in sub-beam when
    Metz flash unit is attached with SCA 3952 adapter

    AF Lock: Half-press on shutter release and AF Lock Button

    Power Source 6 "AA" batteries (alkaline-magnesium or rechargeable Nickel-metal hydride)
    Custom Functions 36 custom settings
    Data Imprinting 7 segment dot matrix
    DATA mode imprints:
    Exposure mode
    Aperture value
    Shutter speed value
    Exposure compensation
    Bracketing position (normal, over, under)
    Metering mode
    ID number
    Lens Focal Length
    DAY mode imprints:
    ID number (switchable between enabled and disabled)
    Tripod Mount 1/4" and 3/8" included
    Dimensions 6 x 5 x 7.2" (153 x 128 x 184mm) (WHD)
    Weight 61oz. (1730g), without batteries
    Miscellaneous Remote Control: Terminal On side of body (works with remote triggering devices and electromagnetic cable releases)
    Cable Release: On shutter button
    Packaging Infoawqyexbqsvvfxreffsfxasyudxcfzyca
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 8.0 x 7.6 x 6.7"

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