iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced - Complete Mastering System Plug-In

iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced - Complete Mastering System Plug-In

iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced - Complete Mastering System Plug-In

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Product Highlights

  • 8 Mastering Tools
  • 6 Individual Component Plug-Ins
  • Meter Bridge
  • Extensive Suite of Configurable Meters
  • Audio Units and MAS
  • AAX Native and RTAS/AudioSuite
  • DirectX and VST
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Free Upgrade to Ozone 6 Advanced
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iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced overview

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Ozone 5 Advanced from iZotope is a complete mastering system presented in a single integrated plug-in interface, and includes eight essential mastering tools. These include a maximizer, equalizer, multi-band dynamics, multi-band stereo imaging, post equalizer, multi-band harmonic exciter, reverb, and dithering. The advanced version extends the standard version for greater flexibility, precision, and control.

The process of mastering ranges from correcting mistakes made in the mix, to preparing a recording for targeted listening environments. To that end, every module has been updated with refined signal processing algorithms to deliver a high level of mastering quality. Ozone 5 Advanced adds six additional component plug-ins, extended features in every module, and an entire suite of configurable meters.

The user interface has been redesigned to make it even easier to dial in the required sound. New users can get started right away and experienced Ozone users will feel right at home. A broad variety of updated metering tools provide visualizations as to how individual mix elements fit together, guiding both the eyes and ears to the perfect-sounding master.

Please note, any purchase of Ozone 5 Advanced after October 1st will have a free upgrade to Ozone 6 Advanced when that version is released.

What's New

Component Plug-Ins
  • Equalizer component plug-in
  • Maximizer component plug-in
  • Dynamics component plug-in
  • Reverb component plug-in
  • Stereo Imaging component plug-in
  • Exciter component plug-in
Meter Bridge
  • Unlike typical "waterfall" plots, Ozone's real-time 3D spectrogram creates a detailed topographical map of audio using the software's high-resolution spectrogram capabilities
  • Choose between high-resolution and real-time 2D or 3D scrolling spectrogram plots
  • Perform detailed inspections with Freeze and Zoom modes
  • Easily examine Gain values by frequency with a convenient mouse pointer readout
  • Takes advantage of video card graphics processing for full-screen 3-dimensional metering, leaving more processing power for the audio

Meter Taps
  • Feed information on multiple audio streams to the Spectrogram via Meter Tap plug-ins
  • With Ozone on the master bus, add Meter Tap plug-ins to individual tracks or buses, then open the Meter Bridge to see how mix elements combine in rich Spectrogram detail, all in real-time
  • Use overlay, tile, or stack views to compare different Meter Tap streams and see their relationships, then bring different audio streams into focus to see how each fits in the mix
  • Tailor the display with customizable colors

  • The Meter Bridge's Advanced's resizable and undocked Vectorscope provides useful display options for examining the stereo image of a mix
  • Lissajous and Polar modes provide multiple visualizations of stereo field activity and activity history
  • Stereo Balance meters illustrate the balance between Left and Right channels
  • Correlation meters indicate the degree of similarity between Left and Right channels
  • Quickly diagnose mono and/or phase compatibility issues

Spectrum Analyzer
  • Includes a completely resizable (including full-screen) real-time spectrum analyzer
  • Variable zoom by both time and frequency
  • Mid/Side, Left/Right, Linear, octave band options, and more
  • Completely independent settings from Ozone's EQ spectrum display
  • Spectrum True Fill shows an accurate overview of high frequency information

Loudness Meters
  • Options include K-System, BS.1770-2, True Peak, and RMS
  • BS.1770-2 metering is compliant with recommendations by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-R BS.1770-2) and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU R128) for determining subjective program loudness and true-peak signal level
  • Analog-matched frequency response for all filter types
  • Vintage Low and High Shelf filters with variable "Cut" control
  • Extra-steep "brickwall" analog Low- and High-Pass filters
  • Flat Low- and High-Pass filters with variable slope
  • New Snapshots panel with easier EQ snapshot workflow
  • Improved, simplified Matching EQ feature
  • Mini Info Panel for easy access to active EQ band's settings
  • Ability to zoom by time and frequency for precise equalization
  • Separate EQ settings for left/right channels
  • Second Post EQ in signal chain for post-dynamics/exciter shaping
  • Zoomable spectrum in EQ
  • New Spectrum options including Left/Right and Mid/Side modes
  • Phase Response, Phase Delay and Group Delay plots
  • Analog filter shapes in Digital EQ mode (linear and mixed phase)
  • Mixed-Phase EQ - vary between minimum, linear and maximum phase per band
  • IRC III Limiting mode - new psychoacoustic algorithm with transient preservation
  • Gain Reduction Trace view - shows gain reduction over time
  • Spectrum view
  • Stereo Link - allows variance between fully independent left/right limiting and linked limiting
  • Transient Recovery - introduces transient shaping to preserve sharp attacks
  • Additional Dither noise-shaping curves
  • Dither Shape view
  • Improved sound quality in all Exciter modes
  • Natural-sounding Peak Saturation - adds harmonics without drastic gain changes
  • Post-Saturation High Shelf filter - for additional harmonic shaping
  • Saturation Spectrum display - shows excitation by frequency
  • Refined Tube, Tape, Retro, and Warm algorithms
  • Oversampling mode prevents aliasing
  • Circuit-modeled Triode and Dual Triode Exciter modes
Stereo Imaging
  • New Vectorscope modes - Polar Level, Polar Sample
  • Anti-phase prevention
  • Stereo Width Spectrum view
  • Correlation Trace view shows mono-compatibility over time
  • Stereo Balance meter
  • Phase Rotation allows phase fine-tuning to optimize asymmetrical waveforms' loudness
  • Stereoize mode - natural sounding, mono-compatible widening for narrow/mono sources
  • Greatly-improved workflow includes always-visible Attack and Release controls
  • All Bands mode shows most crucial controls for every band in one view
  • Gain Reduction Trace shows dynamics characteristics superimposed on waveform
  • Interactive Threshold provides intuitive control over all dynamics stages
  • Improved Gain Reduction meter with input/output and overlaid histogram options
  • Hard/Soft Knee selection
  • New upward compression boosts levels as they fall below the threshold
  • Limiter Boost pushes up threshold-crossing levels when Limiter ratio is set to the left
  • Variable Knee control for each Dynamics stage and each band
  • True Envelope detection algorithm - flat frequency response and low distortion
  • Detection circuit High Pass filter with variable slope and frequency
  • "Tilt" mode (similar in style to the "API Thrust" detection circuit filter)
  • New Modeled Reverb algorithm provides realistic early reflections with smooth decay
  • Improved Plate and Room modes and new Hall mode
  • 3 additional modeled spaces - Theater, Cathedral and Arena
  • Independent control over early reflections
  • Cross-mix control for more control over stereo image
Presets and Routing
  • All Global Presets updated to take advantage of new DSP and features
  • Many new genre-specific presets added to Global Presets
  • Improved Amount controls make adjusting presets simple
  • Module Presets - each mastering module has dedicated preset saving and loading
  • Over 80 new Module Presets included
  • Select independent or shared crossovers for multiband modules
  • Move Module Presets between Ozone Advanced and Ozone Advanced components

Other Features

Sound, Workflow, Visual Feedback
  • Analog-modeled processing combined with linear phase precision
  • Flexible sonic capabilities for adding realistic warmth, bite, punch, and space to a mix
  • New IRC III Limiter for louder, fuller masters that preserve crisp transient detail
  • Fully-revamped hybrid Reverb module
  • Comprehensive preset manager with over 250 professionally-designed presets
  • Per-module presets and intelligent module Amount Controls
  • User-definable signal routing and extensive automation support
  • Individual plug-ins for inserting any of Ozone Advanced modules as independent plug-ins in your host - EQ, Maximizer, Dynamics, Stereo Imaging, Harmonic Exciter, and Reverb
  • Additional controls in nearly every module for greater flexibility and precision
  • Each processing module is complemented with useful spectrums, phase meters, vectorscopes and level histograms
  • High-resolution real-time 2D and 3D Spectrogram plots and a real-time, resizable Spectrum Analyzer
  • Optimized for today's low-latency DAW environments
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iZotope Ozone 5 Advanced specs

System Requirements Mac
Intel-based Macs only
OS X 10.6 or later including OS X 10.8
Host software that supports Audio Units, MAS, AAX Native, RTAS/AudioSuite (Pro Tools 7.4 to 11), or VST plug-in protocols

Windows XP SP2, x64, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit)
Host software that supports DirectX, RTAS/AudioSuite or VST plug-in protocols

Graphics card that supports Open GL 2.0 for use of scrolling 3D Spectrogram

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