Audio Visual Presentation

A-V Presentation

What makes a great presentation? First, you need something to say. After that, most experts will suggest a compelling mix of audio-visual components to wow an audience and leave a lasting impression. Does that mean you need fancy DJ equipment or a laser light show? Certainly not. Often, the sound of your voice and a few slides may be all the tech required. But when you want amplified sound or bold graphics, or photos or video to build a multimedia presentation, B&H is your one-stop shop.

From simple microphones to assistive technology and presentation tools, we stock an impressive array of A/V equipment. B&H can outfit you with an A/V toolkit to earn raves, whether you're looking to stay low-tech (think marker boards, track systems, wheasels, chalk boards, dry erase boards) high-impact (as in, panoramic wide format projection screens, interactive projector boards, digital signage, jumbo monitors) or state-of-the-art (with HD and UHD displays, smart displays, wireless media players and thin clients, for example).

Plus, our product specialists know the subject inside and out, so if you have any questions, we're happy to help you find the audio-visual solution that’s right for you (and your budget!).

No matter the project, B&H is your go-to A/V store!