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Exploring Computers, Peripherals, and Accessories for Audio

Audio production gets a helping hand from computers, peripherals, and accessories. Whether you're dealing with music or speech, these components let you mix your best tracks. Put together your perfect audio editing rig from a selection of professional and consumer-grade gear.


Professional audio workstations give you the power and quality required to output top-notch audio. With faster processors and more storage, a console with integrated features lets you handle the complexities of professional-quality audio. Choose from PC workstations or the Mac Pro series. If you want something more portable, the Apple MacBook line of devices lets you take your audio editing on the go.


A workstation requires a compatible monitor. To handle multiple windows in video editing software, select the highest resolution and screen size that your budget allows. For more visibility, there are monitors of up to 40 inches available, or you could use a dual-monitor setup. You can often find what you need in consumer-grade devices, especially gaming monitors.

External Drives

Many professionals have external hard drives dedicated to music production. Since your operating system operates on the internal drive, you get faster transfer times using a dedicated external drive. You can also use one for backups and extra storage. Choose portable hard drives for mobility to conserve space or for easy access. 

External drives are either solid state or spinning. Since they have no moving parts, solid-state hard drives are faster, smaller, and more durable. If storage space is your first consideration, a standard hard disk drive could offer better value.

Audio Application Keyboards

Even if you sometimes use a mouse, your audio editing rig's main input device is your keyboard. If you already have a preferred keyboard, get the best from your digital audio workstation by adding an audio application cover to it. If not, select a specialized keyboard that's compatible with your other components. Either way, you'll have easy access to your software's features.