Used Large, Medium & Other Format Cameras

Used Large and Medium Format Cameras

Choosing used cameras offers you a safe and relatively inexpensive introduction to professional photography. With so many models to consider, saving on your initial purchase gives you a chance to decide which style works best for you. When combined with the abundance of accessories and add-ons that customize your picture-taking, used cameras can serve as an exciting gateway to photography.

Medium format film cameras use 120 or 220 roll film with negatives that are 2.4 inches wide (60 mm). Depending on the film holder, medium format cameras produce rectangular or square images. Digital medium format camera backs have a similar-sized sensor, allowing them to produce high quality images.

Large format cameras use film that's either 4 x 5 inches or 8 x 10 inches. With such large negatives, the level of detail captured is significantly better than any digital solution, making them especially popular with landscape and portrait photographers.

Features of Used Medium Format Cameras

Many medium format cameras are modular and based around a camera body that incorporates the viewfinder and shutter. A lens attaches to the body. Thanks to the availability of adapters, you can use a wide range of lenses. A film holder or digital back fits to the rear. It's possible to mix and match components from different manufacturers so you can use several different film backs as well as, in some instances, digital backs. Although used medium format cameras are relatively large and bulky, they produce stunning pictures, especially when used with a tripod to avoid camera shake.

Putting Together Large Format Cameras

Comprised of a rectangular body, a set of bellows, a lens, and a film back, used large format cameras produce highly detailed photographs. Unlike other cameras, large formats use a ground glass screen to compose your pictures and fit the film back before taking one photo at a time. A large variety of used large format lenses incorporate shutter, aperture control, and focusing rings to suit a variety of applications. Large format cameras have the ability to tilt the lens so you can adjust your depth of field and remove parallax errors. A comprehensive selection of lens and camera accessories simplifies camera set-up.

Medium Format Instant Cameras

In a slightly different category, medium format instant cameras print photos immediately and directly from the camera. These cameras are great for parties, weddings and any other event where you want to take and share photos with your friends. Some models replicate the simplicity of old-fashioned box cameras, while others have autofocus, adjustable shutter speed, and aperture control.

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