Photography & Studio Lighting

B&H is USA’s largest non-chain photography equipment retailer. As such, we stock an exhaustive variety of photography studio lighing  equipment, including everything you might possibly need to light any subject. So whether your specialty is portraits or headshots, commercials or magazine editorials, you’ve come to the right place.

Need tech lighting? We have thousands of options. Softboxes? Same deal. B&H also stocks a huge assortment of lighting kits and accessories: from light meters, beauty dishes, reflectors, gobos and spots, to strobes, light modifiers, stands, bulbs, lamps, cases and carrying options. Our inventory can outfit your production, whether it’s a tiny tabletop shoot or a big-budget on-location affair.

Just try to stump us—we love a challenge! And if you think our stock list is impressive, wait ’til you meet our sales staff. Many of our trained associates are industry experts in their own right, and they’d much rather talk shop while pointing you toward the perfect working solution or coolest new release than burden you with a high-pressure spiel.

Here to do research? Prepare to have your eyes opened. We’ve gathered expert articles, tips, news and reviews to help you make a wise, budget-friendly choice. Whether you’re looking for the best camera lighting, LED and stage lighting to DJ or event lighting, you can read up via in-depth product descriptions and reviews per item in our Lighting category, or through hands-on tutorials, buying guides and articles on our Explora blog.

Whether you’re a photography student, novice, intermediate enthusiast or a professional with years of experience, B&H aims to be your go-to source for photography lighting gear. And only B&H offers the best advice to go along with the best price.