Professional Video On Camera Lighting

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Shopping for On-Camera Professional Video Lighting

For high-quality videos, consider on-camera professional video lighting to bring out the mood and evoke dramatic scenes in your films. What's more, on-camera lights are removable, giving you more exposure options and general shooting flexibility.

How to Choose Professional Video Lighting

An important consideration when choosing pro video lights is bulb technology. Your choices are tungsten and LED. With professional video on-camera lights that feature tungsten lamps, you get one of the most popular lighting options since the inception of motion pictures. Many consider these the most prevalent light source for video production. Professional LED lights, on the other hand, consume less power and come with more flexibility, as they're dimmable and have multi-color choices.

Other things to consider include power source, wattage, mount type, and other features of interest, such as wireless capabilities, water resistance, and color temperature.

Professional Video On-Camera Light Accessories

Professional on-camera lights have a range of accessories suited for different video-shooting applications. You can find replacement professional video lighting batteries and power with capacities of up to 5800mAh, which last for hours. For cost savings, consider shopping for a battery pack and charger kit instead of purchasing separate components. Professional video lighting controls, such as barndoors, have a four-leaf hinged design that allows you to emphasize your subject through selective illumination. Stage light controllers help you make the lighting of your scene softer and more evenly spread.

If you're working with on-camera hot-lights, make sure you shop for grip gloves made of heat-resistant leather for stable shooting. Light mounting brackets with 1/4 to 20-inch threads have hydraulic shock absorbers that add stability to on-camera lights when shooting videos. This is especially useful for outdoor shoots, or shooting on a moving surface. Magnetic light mounts allow you to quickly attach and detach the lights from the camera. You can also shop for replacement lamps for on-camera lights according to the lamp base type and voltage.

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