Light Stand Accessories

Guide to Light Stand Accessories

Think of a light stand as a tripod for your lighting equipment. Light stands hold your equipment in place. With the right light stand accessories, you'll have better control over positioning, and you'll be able to customize your lighting setup to your needs.

Locking Casters

Casters are wheel mechanisms that attach to the light stand in place of feet. They make it effortless to move equipment around a studio or shooting location. They're especially handy if your equipment is heavy. Light stand casters and wheel sets remove the need to lift, carry, or risk breaking expensive and fragile lights.

With any kind of light stand, stability and position are crucial; therefore, a locking mechanism is a must. You've likely seen locking casters on some furniture. They have a small metal extension over the wheels, which you step on to secure the wheels in place, and lift up to unlock. They're easy to use and a valuable asset for any studio lighting setup.

Extension Poles

There are many uses for light stand extension poles, aside from simply lengthening the height. You can use one or more to make your light stand more maneuverable without having to move the base. Extension poles can also help when you need to attach other equipment—even a microphone—to the stand. If portability is important, you can also use an extension pole on its own, similar to a monopod. This is handy for shooting at sports events or locations where a light stand setup is impractical.

Light Stand Adapters

Adapters are key to customizing your light stand to your needs. If you're a mobile photographer, you can use one to turn a light stand into an impromptu tripod, or do the same in reverse. Adapters are also useful when there's a need to attach multiple pieces of equipment.

Because the simplest light stand risers and columns only extend vertically, an adapter allows you to attach an extension pole and turn it into a C-stand.

The right tools make your job or hobby easier and effortless. At B&H Photo and Video, you can find all the necessary lighting equipment and light stand accessories to get the job done.