Manfrotto Tripods for Stable, Balanced Imaging

Manfrotto tripods provide the stabilizing systems needed to capture sharp, crisp photos and footage at any angle. They feature stability and mobility, with sturdy, lightweight frames that set up and break down quickly. Other accessories include on-camera LED lighting for studio work, and lighting grips, booms, arms, stands, and overhead lighting rails. Manfrotto accessories are also available for smartphones.

Tripod Leg Variations

Manfrotto video and camera tripods feature lightweight aluminum alloy or ultra lightweight carbon fiber legs. They're tough, durable, and easy to transport and move into position. The legs are weight-rated for different mounting equipment, up to 8, 17, and 20 pounds or more. The legs extend to different mounting heights, from 59 to 80 inches. They're collapsible to just around 12 to 15 inches, for convenient storage in a variety of Manfrotto backpacks and sling bags.

Most tripod models come with three to five leg sections, all collapsible and extendable, positioning securely in place with either twist or lever locks. The Manfrotto BeFree line offers advanced M-locks that require a 90-degree turn to secure the legs, or lightweight QPL-lock levers that snap into place. Some models offer one or more of these advanced features:

  • Three-way positionable legs that, with a one-motion side-pull lever, level the tripod on the steepest inclines
  • Extendable center columns, including those with gear assemblies, that allow you to frame your subject
  • Bubble levels in the center column for truing the tripod on uneven ground
  • Quick Power Lock Systems for extending the legs with one hand

In addition, Manfrotto camera stands are available for studio setups that require permanent-positioning photography for passports or driver’s licenses.

Types of Tripod Heads for Mounting

Although cameras can mount directly to tripod screw threads, three Manfrotto tripod heads provide a mountable mechanism for capturing wide or full-range camera angle movement. These include ball, pan-and-tilt, and geared heads. With Manfrotto tripod heads, you get sophisticated mechanisms for leveling, fine-tuning, and framing video and photography work.

Ball heads swivel, tilt, and pan at all angles and are ideal for landscape photography. They include models with friction control knobs that let you fully align each frame movement. Manfrotto pan-and-tilt heads offer vertical tilt and panoramic movement, plus 90-degree side movement for portrait orientation. Many feature ratcheting mechanisms, for making precise tilt and pan orientations at specific ranges of motion, and some include two-way heads that fit camera and video equipment. Geared Manfrotto heads, made of ultra lightweight adaptive techno-polymer, provide pan-and-tilt movements with the aid of a geared handle that rotates to micrometrical adjustments.

Does Manfrotto Make Compact Tripods?

Many photographers prefer smaller tripods for studio work which requires shooting close-up product views at angles just above level height. Manfrotto mini tripods are available as platform stands that provide shake-free and clear images, even with heavy camera equipment. Mini-tripods also double as ground-level shooting mounts.

B&H Photo and Video offers a range of Manfrotto video tripods and other systems that videographers and photographers need to stabilize and frame their shots at any angle.