Olympus Store 

Olympus has been manufacturing precision imaging devices since 1919 and cameras since 1936. Olympus is a leading innovator of photographic technologies present in many cameras and lenses today, like industry leading image stabilization, dust reduction systems and special lens element designs.


The Olympus OM-D and PEN lines of Micro Four Thirds mirrorless cameras let photographers break free with the ultimate combination of system mobility, speed and image quality available to interchangeable lens camera system users. When combined with M. Zuiko lenses, users experience uncompromising optical quality only made possible by 100 years of experience and excellence in optics.


Olympus also manufactures class leading water-, freeze-, dust-, crush- and drop-proof Tough cameras designed to handle the rigors of outdoor adventures or punishing commercial applications to make sure you can always get the shot you need when you need it.


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