Pocket Wizard

PocketWizard Products and Accessories

PocketWizard is a leading manufacturer of radio slaves and accessories, including flash, sync, and pre-trigger cables. Using PocketWizard slave accessories with cameras that have pre-flashes can give you faster recycle and recharge times than onboard flashes. The manufacturer offers bundles like the PocketWizard Plus bonus kit, which contains a transmitter and receiver. The transceiver options are a combination transmitter and receiver in one, which creates long-range signals and provides several ports for connecting additional equipment.

What Are Radio Transmitters and Receivers?

A radio transmitter combines several signal elements to generate radio waves that contain digital commands or audio or visual data. Radio receivers use antennae to absorb transmitter radio waves, process them, and keep relevant frequencies. With the junk signals cleared out and the appropriate frequencies amplified, the signals are ready for playback. PocketWizard uses transmitters and receivers for communication between camera and flash. One radio is necessary per device, for example, one transmitter on the camera and one receiver on the flash unit.

What Are PocketWizard Wireless Camera Triggering Systems?

PocketWizard specializes in wireless camera triggering systems, and it has options available for cameras and flashes with a standard size hot shoe, PC socket, or sync port. The radio slave triggers the flash units through a transmitter attached to the camera, combined with remote position flash unit receivers. With PocketWizard trigger cables, you can connect your receivers to flash units to produce clear communication between the two pieces of equipment.

Power Adapters and Other PocketWizard Slave Accessories

With PocketWizard electronic flash and pre-trigger cables, you can remotely trigger your camera, external flashes, and radio slaves. For best results, use PocketWizard camera sync cables to connect and sync the transmitter to your camera equipment. Hot shoes can help keep your equipment secured to your camera properly. PocketWizard interchangeable AC adapter plugs are useful for photographers who travel internationally, as it includes U.S., U.K., AU, and Euro power adapters.