Mobile technology has changed the way we live, work and play—and it's ever evolving! As part of B&H's mission to offer the most amazing selection at the best prices, we stock all the latest, best-in-class mobile devices, gadgets, gizmos and gear. From inexpensive, unlocked smartphones to state-of-the-art tablets and watches, from wireless and wearable technology to peripherals and accessories, you won't lack for choice.

The good news: Whether you want to surf the web, check your emails, conduct business or play games, there's a device that allows you to do so virtually wherever you may be. The wrinkle: Choice can be overwhelming. Luckily, B&H is here to help. Here are a few questions to ponder before buying your next mobile phone, device or accessory:

How will you use it?
Whether you're a hardcore gamer, a genuine shutterbug or a casual browser, think about how much data you'll likely handle on your mobile device. If you'll be running business applications, streaming or downloading media or sharing documents on the fly, look for abundant memory and processing power.

Looking to lose weight or just live healthier? Check out our wearable technology section. A new sports band, training watch, fitness sensor or activity tracker can bring you closer to many health and wellness goals.

Where will you use it?
If the answer is "everywhere, " you'll want an option that's easy to carry in a bag, briefcase or back pocket. Or you may want to consider a smart watch.

What operating system is right for you?
Chances are, if you already own a desktop or have used a computer, you already have some idea. Whether you prefer the sleekly intuitive Apple iOS, or the budget-friendly power of Android or Windows, B&H offers a full range of products from Macintosh to Motorola that will satisfy your unique needs.

Searching for a harder-to-find mobile solution? We carry smart glasses, VR smartphone headsets and video headsets, plus full home-automation systems to outfit a smart home from top to bottom. And if you want to augment your mobile capabilities, our assortment of mobile photo and video accessories covers everything from headphones and speakers to add-on lenses, filters, cases and kits.

Still confused by all the mobile options out there? B&H loves answering your questions, whether you shop with us online, over the phone or in our NYC SuperStore. Take advantage of our expertise by contacting us directly, or browse the many buying guides, tips, news and reviews featured on our Explora blog.