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Learning About Sound Effects Samples

Step up your video, film, or presentation with sound effect samples. The use of video has never been more popular, so having the proper music, loops, and background effects ensures your project always has a professional sound.

If you have a computer with a great deal of storage space, you'll be able to purchase and download a sound library that you can store directly on your machine. However, if you use a tablet or a smaller device for your editing work, you can also buy CDs, DVDs, or entire hard drives to have available as you need sound files.

What Kind of Sound Effects Are Available?

No matter the type of sound you need, there's a sample to fit your project. There are sound effects libraries that contain hundreds or thousands of both musical samples and sound effects, including:

  • whooshes
  • alarms
  • thunderstorms
  • animal noises
  • background voices
  • instrumentals

There are also compilations specifically designed for particular projects, focusing on sounds like mechanical noises or explosions, as well as royalty-free music collections that usually combine effects from several sources. Some libraries offer you the ability to build your own musical scores by combining different elements together, while others include tutorials to help you increase your video production knowledge and help you learn to create additional types of projects.

Digital vs. Physical Sound Effect Libraries

Sound effect samples are available in both digital and physical formats. Depending on the type of work you do, you may be able to use the same sound effects on a multitude of projects, to keep a consistent theme and auditory branding. In that case, you might consider using a digital copy of your sound effect samples. Electronic copies take up no physical space and are easy to email back and forth if you collaborate with colleagues. However, if you routinely work on thousands of different pieces, you may consider buying hard copies in the form of sample CDs and DVDs that you can store in your studio or office. Physical copies are also useful because you can utilize them without a computer, instead using a CD player or stereo system to play them for a live performance or get-together.

Sound Effect Compatibility

Sound effects samples are generally encoded as WAV files, so they're compatible for use on a PC or Mac computer. They're usable in conjunction with common editing software such as Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Vegas, and Final Cut Pro. They're also compatible with AE 7, CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS5.5 to support current and legacy users of these programs.

Whether you need a music loop for a DVD menu or a sound effect to accompany a gory special effect in your latest film, there's a sound effects sample available from B&H Photo and Video to suit your project.