Shopping with a Sony Authorized Dealer

Sony is well known as a leader in entertainment, audio, and photography equipment. Sony's product line includes televisions, gaming systems, cell phones, audio equipment, cameras and more.

Sony Cameras and Camcorders

DSLR cameras give you the option to switch out lenses based on your planned use, and Sony A-mount SLR lenses are available from 11mm up to 300mm; some lenses offer all focal lengths. Sony E-mount lenses are compatible with the company's series of mirrorless cameras. The mount determines the lenses that will work with your Sony camera, so be sure they're compatible. The large line of Sony digital cameras includes point-and-shoots that give you the ability to capture and transfer high-quality images quickly. Use a camcorder for high-resolution video. For a hands-off approach to video recording, try a Sony action camera with an optional headband mount, and wireless uploading capability.

Sony Xperia Smartphone

Xperia smartphones have crystal-clear LCD touch screens, wireless connectivity, and an intuitive Android operating system. Certain models of Xperia phones are water resistant, can last for two days on a single charge, and are easy to recharge using wireless charging stands or power cords. Increase your mobile device storage with an optional microSD card. Choose from other Xperia accessories, such as earbuds, chargers, and tempered glass screen shields to protect and enhance your smartphone.


Sony Products for All Your Entertainment Needs

In addition to cameras and phones, Sony also has a line of TVs and gaming systems to keep you entertained. Experience superior virtual reality gaming with the PlayStation 4 (PS4). Its line of virtual reality equipment includes aim-and-move controllers and headsets. Computer connectivity allows you to control your PS4 from a computer using a wireless adapter or USB cable, giving you more ways to enjoy your gaming system. Pair your PS4 with other Sony products such as a high-resolution LCD flat panel television for incredible results. When you finish your gaming session, use a Sony smart TV to watch your favorite shows on Netflix or connect to the internet to watch YouTube videos. Enhance the audio on your computer system with a portable Sony Bluetooth home audio system, with connection options for all your wireless devices.

B&H Photo and Video is a Sony authorized dealer and carries options for Sony phones, cameras, and gaming systems for work and play. Choose additional items such as Sony flashes and accessories for cameras, memory cards for smartphones, and mounting gear for sports cams.