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Learning About Live Sound Microphones

Use proper live sound microphones so your vocals, instruments, and overall stage presence comes out how you planned. Each mic model has properties and characteristics that affect sound to make it suitable for specific purposes. It's important to know the different types and features available in order to pick the right one for your needs.

Live Sound Microphone Types

Handheld dynamic microphones are extremely versatile and resilient in all live performance settings. They come with built-in shock absorbers that keep the sound smooth and clear, even with rough handling. Condenser microphones are also popular in live sound events, but you can use them as studio microphones as well. They have thin conductive diaphragms held close to their backplates to create capacitors. They come with a wider frequency response to produce louder sound than dynamic mics.

If you're strictly looking for a mic for your musical instrument, then instrument mics serve you best. Each mic features a design that precisely captures the frequencies of its specific instruments, rejecting the sound of others. Gooseneck microphones come integrated with a gooseneck-like stand to clearly capture close-up spoken words. They're suitable for meetings, lectures, conferences, and live sports commentating. Hands-free wireless stage microphones such as lavaliers and audio headsets and earsets with mics allow presenters and performers to move freely around the stage.

Live Sound Mics Specifications

Mic models are described as "high impedance" or "low impedance." Impedance is the measure (in ohms) of how much the mic resists AC signal flow. High impedance mics produce more than 10,000 ohms and are suitable for short-range mic use, as they're affected by the cable's length. Low impedance mics produce less than 600 ohms and can transmit audio signals through hundreds of feet. Live sound mics should also be unidirectional. These reject noise from other voices/instruments to help produce clear, uninterrupted sound.

Whether you're looking for lavalier microphones or karaoke microphones, check out B&H Photo and Video's wide assortment of mics to find the right one.