Tamron Store

A Guide to B&H's Tamron Store

Tamron produces professional-quality lenses that are compatible with a variety of name-brand cameras. The Tamron online store at B&H Photo and Video carries a large selection of mirrorless, telephoto, and teleconverter lenses. Tamron camera lenses are available in several sizes, and you can use them with filters and other accessories.

Types of Tamron Lenses

The lens manufacturer offers a full line of SLR and DSLR camera lenses. For everyday camera use, Tamron mirrorless camera lenses provide pixel-rich results that enhance image quality. Tamron camera lenses become even more versatile with the addition of accessories such as teleconverters and filters. Tamron's removable teleconverter lenses provide a flexible option for enhancing focal length for many compatible lenses.

What's a Telephoto Lens Used For?

Tamron telephoto lenses enhance and magnify objects in the distance. To be considered a telephoto lens, the focal length needs to exceed 60mm. Telephoto lenses are common in sports and wildlife photography, as they let you get close to subjects without disrupting them. Using a telephoto lens also helps you capture objects in motion, without the blurring associated with low aperture speeds.

Tamron Lens Accessories

There are plenty of Tamron accessories available to enhance the performance of your lens. Lens hoods, for example, shield lenses from unwanted light and inclement weather. You can protect your lenses from scratches and chips with Tamron lens caps, and by storing them in lens cases when not in use. Tamron lens filters let you create a variety of lighting effects without worrying about special lights. For various cool or warm tones and special effects, simply tighten the filter on the lens threads.

B&H Photo and Video can supply you with high-quality Tamron lenses that are compatible with a variety of cameras. Choose lens accessories such as filters, converters, and protective gear to complete your camera setup.