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Choosing Photography Tripods and Support

Whether shooting a baseball game, wedding reception, wildlife, or anything else, tripods and support systems can mean the difference between a good photo and an excellent photo. A tripod steadies the camera to create a versatile and stable base from which to frame your composition. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a serious photographer—tripods are guaranteed to improve your imaging.

Why Do I Need a Tripod?

You may think you have steady hands, but even the slightest twitch or change in the wind or turf can throw off a shot. Tripods aim to keep your camera completely steady—no movement or vibration. This will allow your photo or video to be focused and clear. In addition to providing stability, tripods allow for easier manual adjustment of tricky lighting situations, such as a night sky or landscape. Adjustable legs on flexible tripods help you get shots at various heights and angles, too.

Photography Tripod Features

While all tripods share a similar construction, some elements give improved ease of function. Features such as a fluid tripod head allow for extensive flexibility of motion for any angle or distance. Attaching a camera to a tripod base is easy when using the right camera supports and mounts. A popular option for many photographers is a quick release system designed to attach or remove the camera from the tripod mount easily through a gliding groove system attached via the baseplate. If you desire stability while working in small spaces, or with smaller equipment, consider tabletop or mini tripods for increased control over your work.

Tripod Accessories

A host of general tripod accessories are available. A tripod case will protect your gear, giving you convenient, secure storage and easy setup. Many photographers store frequently-used items such as lens cleaning equipment in a small storage bag in the center column hook, which adds support for the tripod's balance, too. More options include accessories for tripod heads, including support stands for laptops and peripherals like additional media or cord storage.

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