Used Video Tripods & Supports

Shopping Used Video Tripods and Supports

Whether you're a professional videographer or a travel photographer, you're going to need a tripod. Tripods and supports offer the balance you need to shoot stable media, whether it's video or still images. To further optimize your setup, consider a variety of accessories like tripod heads, bags, and cases. Buying used gear in good condition will save you money.

Which Video Tripod or Support Do I Need?

Tripod legs are adjustable, and made from lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fibers, making them perfect for travel. For studio use, shop for pedestals. They can hold heavy equipment, and they come with three caster wheels and a telescoping body.

Wearable and handheld stabilizers are better suited for outdoor use. Ecomoical used video stabilizers allow you to move smoothly with your camera over uneven terrain for stable footage.

Dollies are wheeled tools that attach to the bottom of your tripods to allow for smooth shots while moving. Dollies are especially useful for filmmaking and TV production, where range of motion is important. Used dollies will give you that movement for less.

Used Video Tripod and Support Accessories

Video tripod heads use a viscous liquid in their pan-tilt mechanism to provide smooth camera movements and thus clearer videos. Most video tripod fluid heads come with a range of features including interchangeable panning handles, adjustable counterbalance, illuminated bubble levels, and mounting plates to suit a range of camera sizes.Used video tripod heads are available at B&H Photo.

Consider tripod bags and cases to protect your video tripods and accessories from damage when you're on the go. Choose a bag that's spacious and has compartments for all your video accessories for convenient carry. For more extensive video shooting, you may want to invest in a crane or jib for your tripod stand.

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