Shopping Waterproof Cases

Waterproof cases keep your camera and other electronic equipment safe from the elements. Many have a foam lining for an extra layer of protection, or come with case dividers to keep your accessories organized when you're on the go. These watertight cases range in size, and can hold anything from a small tablet or cell phone to a larger video camera plus its accessories. Many of the larger sizes have wheels to make transporting them easier.

Waterproof Case Sizes

As watertight cases are available in a range of sizes, you should make a selection based on the type and amount of equipment you plan to transport. Pick small, easily portable cases for compact cameras, lenses, or even a cell phone. Opt for a case that's about the size of a standard toolbox for a larger, professional camera and its accessories, and choose among the largest cases, which sometimes resemble a trunk or luggage, to accommodate everything you need to bring with you to a job or photo shoot. Whichever size you choose, look for waterproof hard cases that allow your equipment to fit snugly inside without a lot of extra room to move around. This will help prevent damage from shifting.

If you're buying a larger case, you may want to consider choosing one that has wheels, as a case full of equipment and accessories can get quite heavy. While the hard outer shell will help protect your equipment in the event of a drop or fall, the wheels and handle make transporting your equipment much easier.

Are All Camera Hard Cases Waterproof?

Not all camera hard cases are waterproof, so it's important to look for a case that specifies that it's watertight. To provide the most protection for your electronic equipment, you might also consider checking to ensure that the case is dustproof and airtight. This will ensure that your camera, laptop, accessories, and other equipment are protected in almost any circumstance.

How Durable are Waterproof Cases?

Most waterproof hard cases are very durable. However, for the most protection, you'll want to look for cases made from high-impact copolymer or similar materials. Check the description of the case you're considering, as the most durable cases will be listed as crushproof. Those listed as dent resistant are slightly less durable, but still keep your equipment well-protected.

Inserts for Waterproof Camera Cases

While it's not necessary to buy inserts for your camera case, having them on hand can be helpful. Not every hard case will have a lining, so you may need to consider buying foam inserts to provide an extra layer of protection and shock absorption. If you have a lot of accessories or several pieces of equipment to carry, you might want to consider purchasing a watertight case organizer, which can prevent equipment from shifting during transport.

Whether you're a professional, hobbyist, or enthusiast, waterproof cases are a smart way to ensure that your camera equipment and other electronics are safe and dry. Check out B&H Photo and Video's wide selection of hard cases and case accessories to find the size and type that suits your needs.