Field Accessories

An Overview of Field Accessories

Optical instruments, navigation devices, and electronics are among the products found in field accessories. Whether you're looking for a barometer to measure changes in the weather or a camera for wildlife research, you have choices of tools to get the job done.

What Are Optical Instruments Used For?

Optical instruments process and analyze light waves to enhance images. Telescopes, scopes, sights, and binoculars are examples of optical instruments relied upon to survey the land, study wildlife, and more. You can use optical instruments in conjunction with other camp tools such as axes, saws, and machetes to create a well-rounded rig for camping, hiking, or hunting.

What Are Atomic Clocks?

Atomic clocks are precision timekeeping devices designed to measure the length of a second. While a regular clock may use a swinging pendulum to keep track of time, an atomic clock relies upon moving electrons that orbit the center of the atom. They're useful for GPS navigation systems as well as weather stations for forecasting because they're much more precise than typical digital or traditional clocks.

Choosing Navigation Tools

A GPS navigation system comes in handy whether you're heading out to the field to hike, film, or explore. While compasses are still used today, products that feature GPS capabilities are popular since they don't take much effort from the user. Choose from an array of GPS and navigation systems and accessories, ranging from handheld devices to car GPS units. These devices use satellites to determine location precisely, making them useful for finding a specific location or your way back home.

Other Types of Field Accessories

In addition to optics, navigation systems, and weather prediction tools, other field accessories are useful when spending time outdoors. Metal detectors are rewarding when it comes to finding lost items or buried treasure at the beach. Metal detector kits are available that include shovels, earphones and more, for an improved search.

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