All About Gaming Equipment

No matter what your gaming interest is, you need the right equipment to play to your heart's content. You have a choice of gaming consoles, such as the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation lines, or a PC for gaming. When shopping, you can also consider items to improve your gaming experience, such as VR headsets to take your gaming to the next level, or furniture and peripherals.

Console vs. PC Gaming

Since gaming consoles are specific to playing games, they load much faster than PCs. Setting one up also tends to be easier, as they have fewer cables and connections. Consoles are ideal for desk or tabletop use, but if you prefer to take your gaming on the go, a Nintendo Switch or other portable system might be your ideal choice. In the case of the Switch, you can also hook it up to your TV, transforming it into a console gaming unit from its handheld design.

PC gaming computers are available as laptops and desktops. They're loaded with more memory and specialized components than traditional computers, to handle the intensity of today's graphic-heavy games. Most are customizable, allowing you to add and upgrade as your gaming needs change.

VR Gaming

VR uses 3D technology so you can experience games as if you were actually in the game's environment. VR game systems include headsets with small screens, and processors that make the games run. Virtual reality equipment ranges from simple cardboard headsets used with cell phones, to large, elaborate headsets that connect to powerful virtual reality game consoles. If you're new to VR, cardboard headsets give you a feel for the experience. You can then decide if you want the improved graphics of better mobile headsets or even tethered rigs, which let you physically move around as you would in the 3D environment.

Gaming Peripherals

You can play games with only a console and its peripherals, but video game accessories can make play faster or more comfortable. Peripherals not made for gaming might not have the power or design to allow you to get the most from your gameplay. Gaming mice are engineered for fast input so you don't miss a move because your mouse was too slow. Gaming keyboards are not only extra responsive, but many are lighted as well, so you don't hit the wrong key even in a darkened room. For more comfort, add gaming chairs and glasses to your gaming toolbox. The chairs are designed to help with circulation and prevent stiffness, while the gaming glasses help protect against eyestrain.

You don't have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy playing games on consoles, handheld units, or even on PC units. Take a look at B&H Photo and Video's diverse selection of gaming equipment, including consoles, VR gaming gear, and peripherals, to find all the pieces you need to enjoy your favorites.