Intercom Systems

Shopping for Intercom Systems

Intercom systems offer you the perfect way to communicate with others within a localized setting such as at home, in the office, or on an airplane. These two-way communication devices transmit and receive audio and video signals. A two-way connection allows subscribers from both ends to speak and listen alternatively, but not simultaneously.

Choosing Intercoms

Intercom systems come in a range of types for a variety of surveillance and monitoring applications.

Audio/Video Doorbells and Stations

Wireless doorbells and stations allow you to answer your visitors via your phone. Wi-Fi video doorbells come with built-in cameras that attach to the front door, which enables you to monitor activities or to video chat with anybody who rings at your door.

Indoor Stations

Wireless intercoms in your home or business can make communication easier. These systems offer phone-style, two-way communication within a building. For instance, you can install an indoor station to ease communication between the upstairs and downstairs of your home, or between different offices of your business premises.

Emergency Call Stations

Emergency call stations can consist of wireless call boxes, two-way radios, push-button devices, and PA systems that provide easy facility-wide communication during emergencies. Compared to wired system installations, wireless emergency intercoms are more affordable and more effective in many emergencies.

Intercom Kits vs. DIY Setups

To build your own intercom system, you'll need to shop for essential intercom accessories such as intercom controllers, mounting brackets, audio cables, frames, faceplates, relay boards, and add-on modules. If you're going for intercom kits, you won't need to buy separate components. An intercom kit may include transceivers, remote headsets, lithium chargers, and an intercom case.

Whether you're looking for intercom door stations, emergency Wi-Fi intercoms, or just doorbells, be sure to browse B&H Photo and Video to find the right devices for your needs. Choose from a range of top brands, including Nest, Ring, Swann, and Honeywell.