DJI Osmo Pocket

DJI Osmo Solutions

DJI Osmo gimbals have brushless motors and built-in sensors for optimum stability during photography. They also have built-in zoom sliders that enable you to operate your smartphone or camera to produce a professional cinematic zoom. For the best performance, you'll need other DJI accessories such as batteries, mounts, and brackets.

How to Choose a DJI Osmo Gimbal

When choosing a gimbal, consider the compatibility of your smartphone or camera. DJI Osmo smartphone gimbals are compatible with all smartphones, regardless of the operating system. Osmos use the multi-mode DJI GO app that's available for all OS platforms. For outdoor photography, DJI Osmo pocket gimbals are lightweight and easily portable for everyday carrying. Axis stabilization is another important consideration when choosing DJI Osmo gimbals. To stabilize your tilt and roll, consider a gimbal with two-axis stabilization. Choose a three-axis gimbal stabilizer to secure your pan for shooting moving objects. Osmos are also capable of taking still and 360-degree photos.

What DJI Osmo Accessories Do You Need?

Extra DJI Osmo batteries and power are essential for travel photographers. They allow you to enjoy your photography for longer periods when you're off the grid. For easy, everyday transportation, DJI gimbal carrying cases are ideal because they are comfortable and lightweight. They also have a compact design that fits the gimbal's shape and design, providing proper protection for durability. DJI Osmo mounts and brackets offer attachment of other accessories to the Osmo Pocket, enhancing compatibility with other camera accessories for use in different scenarios. Other accessories include a wireless module to connect to a wireless remote control, and a microSD card for extra storage.

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