PC Gaming

Exploring Gaming PCs

Although consoles offer great gameplay experiences, a gaming PC has the advantage of being both a personal computer and an excellent gaming machine. These gaming computers have the power to run resource-intensive games and handle your work and personal projects, too. 

Gaming Laptops vs. Gaming Desktops

Laptops and desktops built for gaming offer special features, such as enhanced graphics and upgraded processing units. No longer behemoths that consistently run hot, today's gaming laptops pack a big punch in a small space. Although desktops are not portable, they provide expanded storage and almost limitless gaming computer memory. Additionally, desktop computers are more likely to have more robust components, especially GPUs and cooling fans, so that you may experience better performance.

Wireless and Mechanical Add-Ons

Wireless gaming headsets offer superior audio and allow you freedom of movement while gaming. If you don't want to deal with cables and can handle a short lag time, you get that same freedom of movement with a wireless gaming mouse. Most gamers prefer mechanical gaming keyboards for fast, accurate typing and greater durability than membrane keyboards.

Is It Better to Buy or Build a Gaming PC?

The skilled hobbyist with technical know-how and the right tools and components can put together a stellar rig. All of the parts you need, including power supplies, gaming graphics cards, and fun cases, are available for you to assemble your perfect configuration. You also can get a partially built unit and customize the rest.

Not a gear head? Many full rigs are available, plus you’ll likely get a warranty and customer support.

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