Pelican Waterproof Cases

Learning About Pelican Waterproof Cases

Pelican waterproof cases are made of polypropylene copolymer that has chemical resistance properties. Durable and lightweight, Pelican cases protect sensitive items from damage from weather or rough handling. The cases are also buoyant, so they float, and can be fully submerged due to a pressure equalization valve. The cases are RoHS compliant and can withstand temperatures from -40 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Pelican Cases for Electronics Protection

Pelican hard cases protect electronics from damage. The shock-absorbent shell and optional Pelican case foam sets protect contents from more than rain. Use Pelican waterproof phone cases with latching, see-through closures to protect your cell phone or other emergency phones during hurricanes or floods. Pelican also offers standard phone cases made of durable, shock-absorbent materials. Interchangeable foam sets can turn a single use case into a multi-use option. Swapping out the foam on a Pelican laptop case with one that also has a molded-in area for a cell phone or a camera lets you protect several devices in one convenient case.

Why Use Pelican Cases?

Pelican cases protect electronics, but can also protect sensitive information or chemicals and are often used for military operations. Pelican protector cases are crush proof and come with options for recessed press-and-pull or locking latches to protect contents. Protect your important equipment or documents from dust and bugs with Pelican’s airtight cases. You can use optional accessories such as the wheel and harness attachments to make hauling large cases or backpacks easier.

Other Pelican Products and Accessories

Pelican offers more than cases; it also has a line of coolers for outdoor events. Keep your beverages or catch of the day cold with Pelican coolers. The rugged casings on the coolers make them work well for hunting, fishing, or camping trips. Rescue squads can use Pelican backpacks or duffel bags, made of water- and damage-resistant materials, in the harshest terrains. You can also purchase luggage cases with fabric instead of foam inserts, to prevent damage to contents from jostling during travel. The cases and luggage are FAA compliant, and are accepted as a carry-on option, so you can keep your valuables close. The versatility and size variety available make Pelican cases an excellent solution for protection, transfer, and storage of all your favorite things.

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