Photo Web Software


Learning About Photo and Web Software

Photo and web software can help you clean up photos, create an original graphic design, or scan images for use in other projects. Photographers and artists use these programs for everything from color correction to illustration, and even amateur designers can benefit from the tools available in photo software used to manipulate pictures.

Whether you want to design elements from scratch or update an existing image using graphic editing software, you can use these photo and web tools to create your masterpiece. In general, these programs will work on your existing computer and don't require any additional hardware, so it’s easy to get started right out of the box.


Using Photo Software

Graphic artists and photographers use graphic design software to optimize their images for publication or printing, cleaning up any flaws or adding filters to make the images look their best. The photo and web software options allow you to crop out any parts of the image you don't wish to keep, resize pictures, and even combine multiple elements to create an entirely new image. With these programs, you can also adjust the color on an image to change the amount of shadow or light.

Most of these software programs are compatible with either Mac or Windows computers, as long as you have an up-to-date operating system. Before buying, be sure to check the system requirements on the photo imaging software to make sure that your computer meets the needs of the program.


Photo Scanning Software

Not all of your images will have come from a digital camera or other digital source. You may want to edit or manipulate printed pictures as well. The best way to do this is to use scanning software along with a photo scanner to digitize your printed photos. Then you can use the tools in your software package to make any desired adjustments to the image. Use this combination to restore old photos or digitize your collection so you'll have instant access.

Photo Editing Hardware

You can run most photo software programs with just your existing computer, keyboard, and mouse. However, some add-on tools are useful for making photo manipulation even easier. Called photo software controllers, these add-on control pads connect to your computer via USB and can be mapped to the controls and shortcuts that you use the most in your editing programs. With these tools, you can customize and program your controls to meet your individual needs so that they are most intuitive to you and make your favorite tasks easy. These tools are especially helpful if you are a high-volume photo manipulator, or you need lots of control to ensure the best edits.

Whether you're a professional photographer or graphic designer looking for the tools of your trade, or just an at-home user wanting to touch up some family photos, you can find software to make your editing tasks easier. Search B&H Photo and Video's collection of photo and web software to find the programs you need.