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Using a Photo Printer

Photo printers give you the ability to print high-quality images on specialty paper, right from your home or office. They offer high print resolutions plus extra features, such as the ability to create borderless prints. Most photo printers use inkjet technology; laser photo printers are less common because glossy paper tends to break down when subjected to the heat generated by laser printers. More elaborate models offer the capability to print on different types of paper, including matte, glossy, luster, and thick art papers. Most have wireless connectivity as well as the ability to print directly from your camera or cell phone. Some also come with software that facilitates printing from various Adobe Photoshop applications.


What Resolution Does My Photo Printer Need?

The resolution your inkjet printer needs to deliver gorgeous prints depends on the print quality you'd like. For example, professional-quality inkjet photo printers can produce 2800 x 1400 dots per inch (dpi). Models that produce images with resolutions of 1200 dpi still provide clear, vibrant pictures crisp enough to do justice to your vacation photos.


Can I Print Regular Documents with My Photo Printer?

Depending on the photo printer you choose, you can definitely use it to print regular documents, such as school reports or tasty recipes. It's relatively easy to find printer models that support document printing, including some wide-format printers. However, there are also dedicated photo printers. Check the specs of each individual product to be sure of what it's capable of. Photo printers that do support document printing tend to be slower and less efficient than regular multi-purpose inkjets. Portable models that only produce 3 x 2-inch or 4 x 6-inch prints are fun products ideal for printing pictures from your cell phone, but they simply don't offer a viable alternative to a regular, full-sized printer that can handle letter-sized paper.


What Do I Need to Print Photos at Home?

Ink cartridges and special paper are the two biggest expenditures associated with printing photos at home. How much you spend on printer ink and toner cartridges depends on the type of printer you own, as well as how often you use it. Photo printers operate using either pigment or dye-based ink. Professional quality ink featuring special pigments produces stunning, vibrant colors but costs more than dye-based options. However, it is possible to find dye inks that also produce fantastic, durable images.

When making a purchasing decision about a printer, make sure to find out how much the replacement cartridges for the model you're considering will set you back. To reduce the amount of money you spend on ink, look for a printer that allows you to replace specific colors as they run out.


Whether you're a professional photographer or a dedicated selfie taker, B&H Photo and Video has a photo printer that will fit your budget and meet your needs.