Tablet Accessories

Tablet Protection

Keep your tablet safe from scratches and drops with screen protectors and laptop and tablet covers and shell cases.

Types of screen protectors:

  • Tempered glass
  • Wipe-on liquid
  • Protective film

Types of cases:

  • Shells/covers
  • Bumpers
  • Rotating bases
  • Skins
  • Totes and carrying bags

For screen protectors, determine your comfort level with the application method, and how well the size and shape fit your screen. For cases, think about whether you want a kickstand, or whether you're in need of extra high-impact protection. Purchase a carrying bag if you'll be toting peripherals such as a tablet keyboard.

Ease of Use

Some tablet accessories make it easier to use your device. These include:

Power and Connections

Your tablet has ports for a variety of peripherals and connectors, including:

  • Memory storage devices 
  • Portable battery packs 
  • Power adapters, transformers, and AC power devices
  • Wireless charging pads
  • SD card readers

Software and Interfaces

Software and peripherals can upgrade or extend the features of your tablet.

  • Audio options such as USB condenser microphones and dual mic/headphone jacks
  • Photography options like add-on cameras, lenses and filters, and photography lights
  • Mobile printers
  • Mounts and stabilizers for shooting video
  • Software that monitors productivity, protects your system, and enhances your work