Wearable Technology

Looking for cool gadgets that blur the line between human and machine… or just a neat, new thingummy to make life easier? You’ve come to the right place. B&H features an extensive selection of the best wearable tech devices, from health sensors and smartwatches to VR headsets, smart glasses and more. Our inventory spans the gamut from Fitbit to Garmin, Apple Watch to Pebble, and then some. Whether you want to get fit, stay connected, enjoy or create immersive entertainment, we have the gear you need at a price you like.

The latest tech watches and wearable gadgets go well beyond pedometers and activity trackers: these computerized accessories empower you to communicate, connect and share experiences in a whole new way. In addition to enabling you to monitor and improve your health via vital signs and eating habits, you can also use tech watches to handle everyday tasks like spot-checking your smart fridge to updating your Facebook page. So even if you're not a long-distance runner or fitness enthusiast, you may want to update your tech wardrobe to stay in sync with today’s modern pace.