My B&H Rewards

Shopping at B&H pays you back!

All B&H Account Holders earn Reward points
every time they shop for eligible merchandise.
If you have an account, you are automatically
signed up for the My B&H Rewards Program.

Go on, reward yourself!

(Currently not available with Google Wallet)

Just place your order while you
are logged in to your B&H Account.

Earn Reward Points Now! Log In / Create an Account


Purchase any eligible product on
the B&H website
and receive the
specified percentage back in
Reward points. The percentage is
calculated based on the price you
pay for the eligible merchandise.


Place your order while you are
logged in to your B&H account.

If you fail to do so, Rewards points
cannot be applied retroactively.


Rewards points will automatically
convert to a promotional code
can be used on any item we sell. 40 - 60 days
after your order has shipped you will receive an email with a Rewards Card which can be used for a future purchase from B&H.

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3 Options for Redeeming Your Rewards

Using the Rewards Card is a safe way to make your purchases at B&H.
Each Rewards Card is associated with a unique card number and personal identification number (PIN).



  • Log in to your online account
    which you used to earn your points
  • After adding items to your cart, proceed to "checkout"
  • In Payment Method, enter Rewards Card Number & PIN
  • Enter Exact Dollar Amount to Apply to Purchase


  • Call 800-606-6969 or
  • Place your order
  • Mention Rewards to be applied to your payment
  • Indicate if you wish to split payment between
    credit card and Rewards Card/s
  • Provide Rewards Card Number & PIN


  • Print out the Rewards Card Email
    with Picture of Rewards Card
    we sent you
  • Order your items with sales representative
    and mention Rewards Card as your payment method
  • Proceed to Check-out counter
  • Present Printed Copy of Email with Picture of Rewards Card to cashier (OR) provide Rewards Card Number & PIN
  • Indicate if you wish to split payment between
    credit card and Rewards Card/s

Terms and Conditions

  • The B&H Rewards Program ("Program") applies only to products listed as participating in this Program on the B&H Foto & Electronics Corp. ("B&H") website ("Qualifying Products").
  • Customers purchasing Qualifying Products will receive points equal to the percentage of the purchase price ("Rewards").
  • Approximately forty (40) - sixty (60) days after shipping of a Qualifying Product (the "Issue Date"), Rewards will automatically convert to a promotional code eligible to be used as a credit on future purchases from B&H.
  • Tax, shipping & handling and any other fees are not eligible for Rewards points.
  • Customers must be logged in to their consumer account on the B&H website, , to participate in this Program. Purchases through accounts on the B&H Federal/GSA, Government, Education, Corporate and Students or Educators web portals, are not eligible for this Program.
  • Promotional codes are only valid for use for six months from their Issue Date.
  • This Program is valid for a limited time only and B&H may cancel or modify it at any time.
  • Rewards or promotional codes cannot be converted to cash, either directly or indirectly, and may not be transferred or sold.
  • Qualifying Product purchases which are returned by customers will result in the subtraction of the value of the Rewards or promotional code(s) from the customer's account, or the return, whichever is applicable.
  • Any discount or price adjustment, including but not limited to an adjustment resulting from a price match inquiry, may result in the value of the Rewards for this item being reduced by the amount of the price adjustment or eliminated entirely, at our sole discretion.
  • This Program is void where prohibited by law or otherwise and it may not be combined with other offers.
  • Violation of any of these terms and conditions will result in disqualification from participation in this Program and the invalidation and forfeiture of any Rewards or promotional codes.