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Grab Bag of Gifts for Gear Heads

Cool is in the eye of the beholder

By Michael Antonoff

Sure, you can buy those tech-savvy friends and relatives of yours a crimp tool or can of compressed air ideal for dislodging crumbs from any keyboard, but if you really want to make an impression, try one of these gadgets designed to make the recipient of your gift utter the ďCĒ word:

Give Them a Private View

Myvu Universal Personal Media Viewer

Remember the eyewear on Lt. Commander La Forge in Star Trek: The Next Generation? Now, you can bestow the same fashion sense on anyone carrying a personal media player. The Myvu Universal Personal Media Viewer suspends a virtual projection TV screen in front of someone wearing these slick glasses. And noise-canceling earbuds are built in. Up to 4 hours of viewing time is supplied from the rechargeable battery. The Universal model is compatible with DVD players, camcorders, MPEG-4 handhelds, and other video sources. However, iPod users will want the Myvu Solo Plus Edition with noise-reducing earbuds. Itís compatible with iPod video models containing 30-Gigabytes, 60GB, or 80GB; the iPod classic 80 GB and 160 GB models; the iPod nano 3G, 4GB, and 8GB models; and the iPod touch 8- and 16GB models. Either one of these Myvu models is $199.99, and for a limited time, a $25 B&H Gift Card is included.

Let Them Squeeze Their Videos Into A Handheld Player!

The Neuros OSD

MPEG-4 is doing to video what MP3 did to audio Ė enabling you to squeeze entire libraries of content into pocket-size players for on-the-go entertainment. The Neuros OSD lets you convert your video cassettes, DVDs, camcorder tapes, and DVR programs into MPEG-4 files that you save to an iPod, PSP, external hard drive, memory card, or memory stick unencumbered by digital rights management schemes or fees. You can also use the Neuros OSD to stream the Internet to your TV. The Neuros OSD is normally $224.95, but for a limited time you get a $25 instant rebate, bringing the price down to $199.95.

Integrate Their Phone and iPod

The Mavizen MyBlu Remote Control

Anyone who juggles an iPod, cellphone, portable radio, and three sets of earphones will appreciate the simplicity of the Mavizen MyBlu Remote Control. Itís an FM receiver and phone-call relay that can be used as a Bluetooth headset with a Bluetooth-capable phone. When a call comes in, you see the caller ID on your iPod. You can also use your iPod screen to see a list of recent calls. And since your iPod can now receive FM stations, you donít have to carry a separate radio. Rather than taking incoming calls, you can send them to voice mail so you can continue dancing to the music at hand. Multitasking on your feet was never easier. The Mavizen MyBlu Remote Control ($59.95) is available in white or black.

Cancel Their Noise Now

JVC HA-NC250 Stereo Noise-Canceling Headphones

Especially for the commuter or frequent flier, the JVC HA-NC250 Stereo Noise-Canceling Headphones actively reduces background rumble electronically so music or a movie can be heard clearly without turning up the volume. Memory foam ear cushions help to naturally block out ambient sound like cabin chatter or someone elseís cellphone yakking. Take a listen in a noisy environment, and youíll never go back to passive headphones again.

Let Them Record Video to Retro Cards

RCA’s X2400 Lyra Personal Multimedia Player and Recorder

Itís not everyday that youíll find a portable media player and recorder that accepts Compact Flash (CF) cards. RCAís X2400 Lyra Personal Multimedia Player and Recorder is one that does, offering incredible value: direct video recording into a player with a 3.5-inch screen and compatibility with various video, music, and photo formats transferred from your computer. In addition to the 512-Megabyte card in the box, we include a 4GB Elite Pro CF card capable of storing an additional 16 hours of video. The whole kit is only $89.95óand then thereís a $20 rebate. Impressive!

Have `Em Mix On-ear AND In-ear Headphones

JBL Reference 410 On-Ear headphones

Only the socially-awkward would wear two sets of earphones at once: one set in the ear and the other over the ear. Actually, this special offer is mainly directed at listeners who use one set at a time. When you buy the JBL Reference 410 On-Ear headphones ($79), B&H will include a pair of JBL Reference 210 In-Ear Phones

(normally $39.95) absolutely free. Itís a limited-time offer.

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