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Pro Audio Gift Ideas


Casio PX-110

Casio PX-110

With a full 88 key weighted scaled hammer action keyboard and excellent tone, the PX-110 makes an excellent gift for both the beginner and veteran piano enthusiast. It features built-in speakers as well as headphone jacks for two people. While most 88 key digital pianos tend to be heavy, at just 26.2 lbs the PX-100 is surprisingly lightweight. Get creative with 11 tones, 20 backing rhythms, and MIDI connectivity.

Yamaha YPG225 and YPG525

Keys that are proportionally similar to piano keys are really important for beginners and experts alike. The 76 key YPG252 and the full 88 key YPG525 offer more keys with an inexpensive price tag. Both models feature an integrated and interactive educational system that can teach you how to play chords and entire songs. Both models include a Survival Kit (power adapter, foot switch, and headphones).

Yamaha DD65

The DD65 is a complete electronic drumming system that opens up a world of percussion to any rhythm enthusiast. It features an input so you can connect an MP3 player and drum along with whatever style of music you desire. It includes two foot pedals for realistic high hat and kick drum control, 50 complete drum kits, and the 8 touch sensitive pads respond well to both sticks and hand drumming.


BLUE Snowball

The Snowball is a professional sounding USB microphone that you simply plug into any Mac or Windows computer for recording pristine audio. It’s designed to faithfully reproduce the sound of everything from a loud rock band to the speaking voices of multiple people. For podcasters and musicians there is no better sounding or better looking mic on the market. The table stand and cable are included.

Ultrasone HFI-700

Designed for the video game fanatic and DVD/CD enthusiast with distinguishing tastes, the HFI-700 is unlike any other entertainment headphone. While all other headphones fire the sound directly into the eardrum, Ultrasones utilize patented S-Logic technology that bounces the sound into the ear. The natural response sounds very much like you’re listening to excellent quality speakers in a nice sounding room.

Zoom HD8CD 

The HD8CD is a unique home recording studio system that satisfies the need to have an all-in-one standalone hard disk recorder, and to interface with a computer with audio software. In addition to getting its 80 GB hard drive, internal drum and bass machine, and an effects generator, you also get Cubase LE software. Simply connect the HD8CD to your computer via a USB 2.0 connector and you can use the HD8CD as a control surface.

Native Instruments Traktor Scratch

Traktor Scratch is a complete DJ’ing system that allows you to mix and scratch digital files on your computer with analog control from both vinyl and CD turntables. The kit includes the Audio 8 DJ hardware computer interface with a fast USB 2.0 connection, Traktor 3 DJ software, custom connection cables, and time code discs for your turntables and CD DJ decks. 

Yamaha PSR-E213

The PSR-E213 makes a great starter keyboard. It features Yamaha's educational suite, an integrated system that can teach you songs and chords. There are lots of different sounds and grooves to choose from, but if you get lost in all the options there's an easy to use grand piano button that takes you right back to the beginning. This inexpensive option includes the Survival Kit (power adapter, headphones, and extended warranty).

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