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The MICRO-BR is a portable 4-track card digital recorder. The iPod-sized unit records to readily available SD cards with an up to 1GB capacity and weighs less than half an ounce. The device is packed with built-in effects processing, a tuner, rhythm patterns, and a microphone, along with a USB port and a dedicated guitar jack. No roving songwriter or guitarist should be without this ultimate sketchpad.

B&H# BOMBR $229.00


The HD-1 is an electronic drum kit packaged with all necessary mounting and performance pedal hardware, designed for practice and performance use by both students and professionals. The drum sounds are first-class, the pads ultra-quiet and highly playable, and the look of the kit on the custom stand displays so much high-tech cool you'll want to set it up in your living room like a sculpture.

Roland HD-1

B&H# ROHD1 $799.00

BEYERDYNAMIC DT880 2005 Editionzqdaessxcu

BeyerDynamic DT880

The DT880 2005 Edition is a set of semi-open headphones with a sweet,  wide frequency response and stereo imaging, soft, comfortable replaceable earpads,  fully adjustable earpieces and padded headband, and a classy, audiophile appearance. The musician or engineer in your life will feel equally comfortable using these headphones for either critical recording and mixing applications, or simply kicking back and enjoying the home stereo.


B&H# BEDT88005 $269.95


The H4 is a portable, handheld, 4-track digital field recorder that stores up to 34 hrs. of WAV or MP3 audio to a 2GB SD card. The unit features a pair of built-in microphones, arranged in an X/Y stereo pattern, along with internal effects processing, external mic inputs with phantom power, and a USB port for file transfer or direct recording to a computer. Great for journalists, musicians and sound-gatherers.

Zoom H4

B&H# ZOH4 $299.00

LINE 6 Pocket POD

Line 6 Pocket Pod

The Pocket POD is a portable pocket-sized effects processor for guitar players featuring over 300 preset tones and a large collection of amplifier, speaker cabinet and effects models. The device's proprietary A.I.R. sound modeling technology serves up some of the planet's most realistic sonic emulations, and the unit, equipped with USB, ¼," and 1/8" connectors, doubles nicely as either a practice or recording solution.

B&H# LIPP $129.99


Presonus Firebox

The FireBox is a compact, bus-powered FireWire audio interface, designed for mobile recording, and featuring a pair of hi-res 24-bit/96kHz microphone/instrument preamps with phantom power. Presonus gear sounds clean and warm, and this rugged little box delivers great sound and versatile functionality, expressed in a 6-input/10-output connector complement that includes both MIDI and SPDIF digital audio I/O's. The unit ships with cross-platform recording and routing software for total self-containment.

B&H# PRFB $299.95



Casio PX-310

For the budding prodigy in the brood, or as a nice-looking family entertainment instrument, the PX-310 is one of the best values around. With 88 full-sized, realistic hammer-action keys, built-in speakers and amplification, a 2-track sequencer for songwriting, and a large selection of sounds and rhythm patterns featuring a stereo-sampled grand piano, any student or hobbyist would be happy to come home to this keyboard.

B&H# CAPX310 $599.95


The C01UCW is a large-diaphragm, plug-and-play USB-powered condenser microphone, designed for desktop or laptop Podcasting, voice-over work or spontaneous blasts of musical creativity. The mic, which connects directly to the computer, boasts a hyper-cardioid pick-up pattern, ensuring minimal off-axis and ambient noise. The package includes the Windows-based Softpre application, which offers intuitive software control of volume, phase switching, and Hi-pass filtering for a polished yet cost-effective presentation.

Samson C01UCW

B&H# SAC01UCW $89.00


If you're in the market for a high-quality, compact USB or FireWire audio interface for yourself or a loved one, the Mbox family of recording products offers some of the most sanely-priced solutions out there. Never has compatibility with the worldwide DAW standard been so easy and affordable. Choose from the USB Mbox 2 Mini, or two FireWire options: the Mbox 2 (4-in/4-out) and the FireWire Mbox 2 Pro (6-in/8-out).

USB Mbox 2 Mini Mbox 2 (4-in/4-out) FireWire Mbox 2 Pro (6-in/8-out)
B&H# DIMB2M $299.00

B&H# DIMB2  $449.00

B&H# DIMB2P $699.00


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