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By Jack Fettman


Canon HV-20

High-definition HDV Camcorder

In your quest for a great high-definition camcorder with quality optics, the Canon HV20 incorporates a thoughtfully-designed ergonomic body with a blend of features worthy of higher-priced camcorders including true 1080 high-definition resolution video, a 16:9 format, and the convenience of Mini DV cassette tapes. Video is captured by a 1/2.7" CMOS image sensor and an RGB primary color filter, which allows for HD footage containing deep, rich, accurate colors and natural-looking tones, similar to what you'd obtain from 3CCD camcorders. Since you see more detail in HD filming, the Canon HV20 enables you to easily switch between manual and auto focus modes. And if you're an aspiring moviemaker, the 24p Cinema Mode and CINE settings enable you to acquire a professional "film look"

Sony HDR-SR7

AVCHD Hard Disc Drive Handycam

The Sony HDR-SR7 is an advanced AVCHD high-definition video camcorder that captures and stores your footage onto an internal 60GB hard-disk-drive (HDD). Sporting a professional-grade Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* lens with anti-reflective coatings and a large 1/2.9" ClearVid CMOS image sensor, the Sony HDR-SR7 renders high-definition imagery with rich colors and exceptional detail. By adjusting recording times and resolutions, recording times can vary from up to 8 hours at hi-res mode down to 41 hours in the standard-definition record mode. Additional features designed to enhance your video efforts include a 2.7" wide hybrid LCD monitor, Super SteadyShot Image Stabilization to minimize the 'shakes', and x.v. Color technology which captures and displays nearly twice as many (1.8x) viewable colors vividly for a more natural, lifelike experience. An active interface shoe mount, external microphone input, and Memory Stick PRO media card slot are also on tap to augment your recording capabilities

Panasonic HDC-SD5BNDL

3CCD AVCHD Digital Camcorder

The Panasonic HDC-SD5 high-definition camcorder, with full-HD 1920x1080 resolution, records video and still images onto SD or SDHC flash media cards. This small form factor camcorder incorporates a wealth of features including a pro-quality Leica Dicomar lens, three 1/6" image sensors, advanced optical image stabilization for hand-vibration compensation, and an advanced pure-color engine image processor. To add convenience and versatility in organizing and maintaining your original full-HD recordings, this terrific little high-definition camcorder kit comes bundled with a DVD burner, which allows you to download and burn video for archiving and/or storage purposes directly from the camcorder through an optional USB cable. HD Writer Software (included) allows you to burn a DVD of your finished efforts from your PC.


Everio Hard Drive Camcorder

The JVC GZ-MG130 allows you the choice of recording video and/or still pictures to an internal 30GB hard disk drive (up to 37.5 hours of video) as well as SD or SDHC (high-capacity) memory cards in MPEG-2 format, a high-resolution format that rivals DVD quality. Whether you want to record action on the sports field or in the school auditorium, the camera's long, 32x optical zoom will bring you up-close to your subjects. Once you have captured your footage, the camcorder's user-friendly graphical interface allows you to navigate your way around your video and stills by displaying thumbnails of frames. Click a frame and you're transported to the corresponding segment of video. The built-in swivel 2.7" clear LCD monitor makes framing your shots a snap, and is designed to cut glare in outdoor light. JVC incorporates its advanced Megabrid Engine image processor, which separates the processing requirements for video and stills independently, resulting in zero compromise to the viewing quality of either mode. The kit includes editing and authoring DVD software, including Digital Photo Navigator and CyberLink DVD Solution for Windows users.

Pure Digital – Flip Video

Flip F260 Series Ultra 60 Minute Camcorders

Anyone can make and share video with the light & compact Flip Video Ultra. This camcorder can go anywhere you go, making it easier to capture those “wish you were here” moments. Point-and-shoot simplicity takes your mind off of worrying about settings, letting you focus on what’s really important. The 2GB internal memory records 60 minutes of your impressive video and still images, and downloads internet-ready files for e-mailing and video-sharing sites. Plug into the USB port on your computer, and the included Flip software helps you organize and archive your footage easily. The software also publishes your masterpieces directly to YouTube and AOL Video. This simple-to-operate, go-anywhere camcorder is fun to use, comes in 4 varieties of color, and brings enjoyment and delight when shared with family and friends.

Samsung SC-DC173

DVD Camcorder

Shoot breathtaking vistas or family videos and photos, all at the touch of a button. DVD camcorders offer us all, friendly and immediate playback of our video recordings in addition to their valuable archiving characteristics. The Samsung SC-DC173U DVD

camcorder is a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable, convenient DVD digital camcorder. It has a variety of features that make it easy to record awesome footage in standard, panoramic, or 16:9 wide-screen modes. You have choices of recording video to DVD-R (write-once), DVD-R/W (re-writeable), DVD+R/+RW, DVD+R DL (dual-layer), or still image captures onto popular SD/MMC memory cards. With the camera’s long 34x optical, 1200x digital zoom, in conjunction with the 2.7” camcorder LCD monitor, you are assured that you won't miss a single detail.

Canon ZR-800

Mini Camcorder

The exceptional Canon ZR-800 is a high-performance Mini DV camcorder with advanced image processing. It does a great job of capturing high-quality video in auto mode and provides a generous array of features to satisfy advanced amateurs. Canon, known for optical excellence, equips this camcorder with a 35x optical, 1000x digital zoom lens. To assure that your captured footage maintains a steady and smooth look, Canon combines the “smooth zoom control” mode, which provides you with smooth gradual zoom speed control settings, with an advanced image stabilization system. As a result, at full maximum telephoto zoom, your footage will be unwavering and not jittery. To enjoy viewing your footage on your new flat widescreen home theater system monitor, choose to film in the camera’s high-resolution 16:9 widescreen format mode. Your video imagery will glow with exceptional color, clarity, and clean sound. To achieve more professional excellence in filming, the external microphone input jack allows you the opportunity to record enhanced audio with the use of an optional external microphone. In addition, the camera’s level and grid markers, in the viewfinder, assist you in composing the perfect shot time after time.


In the world of post production, gifts take on a more specialized approach that needs to be catered to individuals looking to expand their videos from simply plugging a camcorder to a TV, to producing slick edited productions with special effects and titles. Many aspiring videographers are sometimes apprehensive to download videos into a computer and edit out all the shaky cam footage. But there are now several options available that make finishing off simple productions intuitive and cost effective.

First up is Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD 8, a comprehensive package that includes DVD authoring, which enables you to distribute discs with animated menus and multi-track audio support. Vegas Movie Studio gives you real-time, nondestructive editing, so regardless of what you cut into your working project, all of the original footage remains available for future editing needs. Audio support includes native VST and DirectX for additional effects for audio tracks and ACID loop support for easy audio scoring. With video, you can add transitions, titles, pan across still photos and more, using a library of over 3000 2D and 3D video effects. You can also create a final output to PSP and iPod portable devices, making it perfect for the growing field of mobile video.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio + DVD 8

Photoshop Elements 6 & Premiere Elements 4 is a creative bundle incorporating the most popular toolset of Adobe's professional image and video editing applications in a consumer-grade package. With Premiere Elements 4, sharing your videos has never been easier with the new Sharing Center, which gives you the ability to distribute videos on disc, web and mobile devices. DVD creation features allow you to make custom, interactive DVD menus and burn your project to a single or dual layer DVD or a high-definition Blu-ray disc. With the world of YouTube becoming a major media provider, you can upload your final movies to that increasingly popular website. Add to that the common editing tools of Premiere Elements including transitions, titles, event-based theme vignettes and audio editing, and the power of the standard photo manipulation software, Photoshop Elements, Adobe delivers a powerful bundle that can enhance any aspiring Windows-based video producer.

Photoshop Elements 6 & Premiere Elements 4

The Pinnacle Studio 11 family is perfect for users looking for a simplistic approach to a sometimes overwhelming skill. The base Studio 11 lets you edit videos and output them to various media formats including DVD, iPods and Yahoo videos. The easy-to-use interface lets you easily capture and edit productions, with real-time effects. The Scorefitter music generator automatically generates a soundtrack from any of 40 source tracks, making you the composer as well as the director. Studio Plus 11 gives the same toolset as its predecessor, but also includes HDV and AVCHD codecs, supporting the growing number of high definition video camcorders and output to HD-DVD discs. Bringing together all of the tools of Pinnacle's family in one package is Studio Ultimate 11, adding such pro-level features like chromakey and Dolby Digital 5.1 encoding support.

Pinnacle Studio 11 Pinnacle Studio 11 Plus Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate


Regardless of whether you're acquiring or outputting video, this holiday season is the perfect time to investigate the options that are available for the family member or friend who's looking to get some creative juices flowing.


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