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No need for your camera to be on—we don't need to see you to show you the answers.

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Intro to Video Chat

Get a better idea of what your video chat session will look (and sound) like in this quick introductory clip.

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Get Answers to your Questions

Sometimes, there's no substitute for a visual demonstration. Get answers to your questions and technical concerns, on demand, by meeting face-to-face online with a B&H Expert.

Bringing the SuperStore to you wherever you are

We bring the store right to you—on your couch, in the office and beyond. You can pick and choose the best item to fit your needs, just as if you were walking through the store with one of our associates helping you pick the right gear.

Visual Demonstration of Your Product

Our experts will be able to give you a live video demonstration of your product. It's like having your own personal guide!

Yes, you are really speaking to an expert!

At B&H, our product specialists are trained in their field and are here for you. Get real expert advice and help on how to best use your products—or find the ideal solution for your needs.

A Tale of 2 Lenses

See one of our experts in action, offering tips on lens choices and a quick how-to on menu navigation.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Totally awesome support from the photography department !!! I am thrilled by this new videochat experience... Thank you so much for the great... work...


Blown away by the amazing experience made possible by the video chat feature ! ...amazing customer relation skills... gives us great confidence ! Thank you so much

-Daniel J.

The live video chat was a fantastic experience! So much easier to communicate and more personal than text chat,... faster transfer of ideas and information, thank you so much!

-Reuven A.

The LIVE audio/video chat session really help me understand all the components I need to accomplish my audio objectives. Thank you!


B&H Video Chat 101

You can use a smartphone
Your camera doesn't need to be on
Get answers to your technical questions
B&H Video Chat is always free
Like having a personal guide on-call

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a video chat? During business hours, select from the available departments (listed at top of page). Does my camera need to be active to use video chat? No, your camera doesn't need to be active but the agent will have theirs on. Can I see the difference between two lenses? Yes, we can connect the camera to the session, so you can compare them as if you're at the store. Can I see how my gear fits in its case? Yes, If the products are available at the store, we can demo it. Can I do a video chat with my smartphone? Yes, you can video chat via our mobile website. Video chat is not available through the app at this time. Are there any requirements for my computer or browser? You just need to have an up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. Can I share my screen with you? Yes, you can share your screen with us. Is this really the New York City SuperStore we are video calling? Yes it is! You are being brought in virtually to our world famous NYC SuperStore! Does B&H Video Chat cost anything or is there a minimum purchase? B&H Video Chat service is absolutely free and there is never a minimum purchase.