Topaz Labs LLC Complete Topaz Photography Collection Software Suite

Topaz Labs LLC Complete Topaz Photography Collection Software Suite

Topaz Labs LLC Complete Topaz Photography Collection Software Suite

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Product Highlights

  • Includes 13 Different Plug-Ins
  • Complete Image Editing Suite
  • Intuitive Workflow Integration
  • Dedicated Tools & Creative Enhancements
  • ReStyle, Clarity, and B&W Effects
  • Adjust, Lens Effects, ReMask, and Detail
  • Simplify, InFocus, and DeNoise
  • Clean, Star Effects, and DeJPEG
  • photoFXlab Standalone Application
  • For Adobe, Apple, & Corel Host Programs
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Topaz Labs LLC TP-TCC-C-001-GN overview

  • 1Description

The Complete Topaz Photography Collection Software Suite from Topaz Labs addresses nearly all aspects of a post-production digital workflow and is comprised of 13 dedicated plug-ins, as well as an intuitive standalone navigational application, to perform some of the most frequently desired editing procedures used today.

This item includes all of Topaz Labs' editing plug-ins on one convenient disc, and includes ReStyle, Clarity, B&W Effects, Adjust, Lens Effects, ReMask, Detail, Simplify, InFocus, DeNoise, Star Effects, Clean, and DeJPEG. photoFXlab is also included as a standalone means for accessing and implementing the features afforded by each of the plug-ins. Additionally, most of these plug-ins can be used in conjunction with the following host programs: Adobe Photoshop (non-CC), Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Lightroom, Apple Aperture, iPhoto, Corel PaintShop Pro, PhotoImpact, Serif PhotoPlus, and IrfanView.

Quickly and easily alter the appearance of photographs using an array of adaptive looks and effects, including Fashion Brown, Couch, Olive Drama, Pale Taupe, Pale Purple, Blue Haze, Soft Pearl, Vanilla Sunrise, Ice Blue, Forest Fire, and Terracotta Sun. Utilizing a proprietary technology, ReStyle learns from your photos to develop hundreds of looks to creatively and quickly enhance the final appearance of imagery.

  • Image mapping technology and the proprietary imaging engine work to map an image's colors and tones in order to produce realistic enhancements to refine the look of photographs.
  • Each effect can be manually fine-tuned using built-in HSL adjustments to suit your personal preference.
  • Easily source the desired effect you want to apply by searching for predefined keywords as well as simply searching by color names.
  • Custom styles can be created from scratch to complement the 1000+ integrated effects.
  • Blending modes and controllable opacity settings can be used to combine the effects of two or more settings at once.
  • Utilizing the included masking suite, you can selectively apply different effects locally within an image.
  • Clarity
    Over 100 preset effects can instantly be applied to imagery to help refine their appearance and add greater visual depth. Each of the one-click effects have been developed to suit different types of photographs for greater continuity and lifelike results.

  • Intelligent contrast enhancement technology works to increase the visual impact of imagery by fine-tuning contrast settings and maintaining highlight values for realistic results.
  • Smart selective adjustments can be applied, in combination with masking tools like Magic Brush and Smart Feather, in order to enhance local areas within an image.
  • B&W Effects
    Designed to expedite and enhance the entire process of converting an image to black and white, B&W Effects presents a complete range of controls for maintaining high image quality with rich a rich tonal and contrast range.

  • Tonal contrast is a core feature of the plug-in and helps to produce blacker blacks and whiter whites, with an extensive range of mid-tones.
  • To give images a more authentic or nostalgic appearance, popular film grain styles can be applied to images to simulate the look of scanned film types.
  • Artistic styles, vignetting, and border effects can be added to imagery to further refine the overall appearance.
  • Over 200 effects from eight different collections can be applied when converting an image from color to black and white, and include: Traditional, for classically-styled black and white effects; Toned, for adding differently colored tones or tints to images like copper, gold, selenium, sepia, and antique; Stylized, which combines traditional black and white images with creative effects like diffusion, cartoon, paint, multi-tone, and more; Cyanotype, which mimics the cyanotype printing process to give a rich blue hue to images; Albumen, for adding a range of traditional colorings to images, from purple to chocolate brown, to simulate the look of albumen printing techniques; Platinum, which gives warm blacks and silvery whites with an especially notable tonal range; or Opalotype, which is reminiscent of printing onto translucent white sheets of glass and then hand-tinting or coloring imagery.
  • Adjust
    Helping to produce greater visual depth and excitement to your imagery, Adjust utilizes adaptive exposure, intelligent detail enhancement, and adaptive color technologies to infuse photographs with dynamic local contrast, detail, and color enhancements.

  • Adaptive exposure processes different regions of an image differently in order to increase the perceived dynamic range of an image to make it appear more contrast-rich while still maintaining detail in the highlights and shadows.
  • Intelligent detail enhancement analyzes imagery and works to adjust small details in order to give a more crisp overall appearance without affecting overall noise levels. This procedure gives more apparent and defined results compared to standard sharpening and local contrast adjustments.
  • Adaptive color helps to increase the apparent saturation of an image without looking unnatural. Similar to adaptive exposure technology, color is adjusted in an intelligent manner based on qualities of the overall image.
  • Lens Effects
    Simulating popular optical and lens-based effects, Lens Effects provides 29 different options for adjusting your imagery using traits of many popular lenses and filters.

  • Bokeh allows to you aesthetically blur the background of an image to better highlight the main subject.
  • Diffusion softens the lighter areas of an image in order to produce a hazy or dream-like quality to imagery, making it especially well-suited to portraiture.
  • Color Filters are available in single and duotone styles in order to add creative and controllable colored effects to imagery.
  • Tilt-Shift Lenses allows you to selectively adjust the focal and subject planes in order to produce uniquely altered perspectives and miniature effects.
  • Creative Blur enables you to distort images in creative ways in order to draw more attention to the main subject.
  • Vignette works to gradually darken or lighten corners and edges of the frame in order to bring more attention to the center of the image.
  • Polarization emulates the effects of a polarizing filter by darkening skies, reducing water reflections, and minimizing foliage shine.
  • Graduated Neutral Density helps to achieve a better exposure balance between the sky and foreground by gradually darkening the brighter areas in imagery for a more controlled overall exposure.
  • Old School combines multiple color tones, vignettes, and grain effects to impart a nostalgic sensibility to photos.
  • Motion Blur works to emphasize movement within an image by simulating lens-based zoom, spiral, rotation, panning, and shake effects.
  • ReMask
    ReMask enables you to make image selections and produce masking techniques in a fast, easy, and effective manner. An intuitive workflow allows you to efficiently replace backgrounds, reposition subjects, selectively adjust color, contrast, or exposure, and create unique composite images.

  • Masking begins with using simple, intelligent brush tools to quickly paint over the desired portion of an image.
  • Once a selection has been made, the Apply tool will interpret the painted area and produce a mask over the selected portions of an image.
  • Once the mask has been previewed, it can be manually refined in order to ensure all desired contents are selected.
  • ReMask is not compatible with non-layers-based host programs, including Adobe Lightroom, Apple Aperture, iPhoto, Corel PaintShop Pro, PhotoImpact, and IrfanView. It requires layers support to properly function.
  • Detail
    Working to produce more vivid detailing within imagery, Detail is a tool designed to enhance the look of imagery by intelligently isolating specific details of an image and selectively enhancing them in order to create a more contrast-rich, sharper-appearing image with maintained exposure detail throughout.

  • Enhanced Detail Control: Each image is broken down into three levels of detail separation, as well as three levels of tonal separation in order to allow for more precise overall, highlight, and shadow detail adjustment.
  • Improved Functionality: A refined design enables Detail to run more quickly and handle larger image sizes more effectively.
  • Effect Mask: Detailing can be brushed in or out using the selection tools in the Effect Mask tab and edge-aware masking enables precise selections to be made for greater control.
  • Sharpening procedures have been refined in order to prevent halos or other common sharpening artifacts in order to realize a more natural image quality.
  • Unique Tone Control: Utilizing Topaz' IntelliColor technology, overall image tones can more effectively be balanced to realize a more natural appearance.
  • An extensive range of over 50 presets are available for quick image adjustment and, additionally, presets can be organized based on personal preference.
  • Simplify
    Simplify helps to instantly convert any photograph into an artistically-styled image using a variety of styles, including watercolors, textured oil paintings, cartoon-like images, abstracts, charcoal drawings, line art, and photorealistic paintings. This plug-in uses a unique size-based technology (topological decomposition) in order to process photos in an efficient manner that selectively removes unnecessary image clutter to produce a highly effective artistic image with a range of controls for maintaining the original integrity of an image along with a new, unique appearance.

  • Over 100 presets are available for instant image transformations.
  • Presets can easily be found using an intuitive preset organizer.
  • Adjustment sliders allow you to add localized contrast to increase visual depth.
  • Edge-aware selective brushes can be employed to dodge, burn, smooth, and brush out effects.
  • A dedicated Apply button permits the stacking of presets and settings for more personalized effects.
  • Histogram and curves tools also give way to a more fine-tuned approach to image refinement.
  • A Finishing Touched tab provides dedicated tools to add vignettes, tones, and transparency effects.
  • InFocus
    Utilizing a series of intelligent sharpening and contrast alterations, InFocus helps to correct and restore sharpness in images that have otherwise been "lost" due to camera shake. Minute details within imagery can be refined and sharpened through micro-contrast enhancement, which works to produce apparent sharpness in an image for cleaner-looking results.

  • Color and detail can be restored within an image in instances where they may have been obscured or affected by natural haziness.
  • Micro-contrast tools enable fine detail enhancement.
  • Advanced deconvolution technology works to reverse the effects of camera blur by intelligently detecting and correcting for certain types of camera shake.
  • The estimate blur tool helps to counter the effects of unknown or complex blur types.
  • Four types of blur are easily detected: generic, out-of-focus, straight motion, and unknown.
  • DeNoise
    DeNoise works to remove fixed, pattern, and random noise from images, as well as horizontal and vertical banding noise, in order to recover detail and restore previously obscured lines and edges in photographs. Hazy red and blue color casts can also be removed and shadow tones and color unevenness can also be corrected for, which are commonly associated with images created in low-light conditions and when photographing with high sensitivity levels.

  • IntelliNoise technology works to optimally remove noise and recover image detail in a fast and highly effective manner.
  • Shadow tone restoration and the Correct Black Level parameter work to restore shadow tones and black levels to their true richness and color settings.
  • Dual-directional debanding technology corrects for both horizontal and vertical banding noise orientations, as well as short banding noise and long banding noise types.
  • Effectively removes up to four stops of noise and also sharpens colors and edges for natural-looking results.
  • A refined design doubles the processing speed as well as the image size capabilities.
  • Star Effects
    Helping to enhance, add, and re-orient the look of light from point sources, Star Effects enables you to develop and modify how specular highlights appear in imagery. A variety of customizable effect options allows you to modify existing light sources, converting them to multiple-point stars, or to add star effects yourself to light sources or reflective surfaces.

  • A wide variety of one-click star effects are available for use, including traditional, starburst, cross star, Hollywood star, and more.
  • Mode selection permits star effect extraction from the base image for use on other images or in other regions of the original photograph.
  • Automatic light source detection gives way to more natural-looking effects.
  • A selective brush enables quick and easy inclusion and exclusion of certain light sources based on personal preferences.
  • The Apply button enables the stacking of multiple star effects within the same image.
  • Each effect is fully customizable in regard to color, temperature, secondary spikes, glow, and ring flare.
  • By digitally adding star effects, there is no loss in contrast in imagery as commonly associated with traditional optical cross screen filters.
  • Clean
    For producing highly stylized, over-sharpened, and smooth imagery, Clean is an ideal plug-in to give photos a hyper-real sensibility with clean overall quality, without sacrificing structural details. This plug-in simplifies the creation of vectorized effects, such as a reduction in visual depth and detail, without degrading the overall defined edges of subject matter.

  • Easily eliminate undesired details and effects for a smooth, texture-less appearance.
  • Maintains structural details to give a high-quality photorealistic look.
  • Ideally suited to skin retouching via the Skin Even preset.
  • Can be used to create unique cartoon-like effects with an overall flattened look.
  • DeJPEG
    Helping to increase the image quality, detail fidelity, and eliminate compression artifacting and "mosquito noise", DeJPEG is a helpful tool for regaining lost image information from JPEG files. By utilizing an advanced algorithm, this plug-in automatically examines the entire image and removes all apparent artifacting caused by the inherent compressing of the lossy JPEG file type for increased sharpness and color integrity.

  • Helps to prepare JPEG file types for further image enhancement.
  • Restores lost color and image detail caused by the JPEG compression process.
  • Eliminates typical distortions and added noise caused by the inherent smaller file type.
  • Ideally suited to use with images created by mobile devices or entry-level cameras that can only record imagery in the JPEG format.
  • photoFXlab
    photoFXlab is an intuitive standalone program for exploring and subsequently applying any of your stored Topaz Effects from within a searchable library structure. The program's navigational structure also enables you to instantly access all Topaz plug-ins from within a single interface. Direct image enhancements can also be applied to imagery from within the program.

  • InstaTone is a toning module that allows you to quickly apply consistent colored tones to imagery by using a wealth of available options and outsourced libraries.
  • Edge-aware brushes simplify the process of applying selective adjustments to local areas within an image, and include dodge/burn, saturation, and smooth/detail brush types. Awareness strength can be modified depending on the subject type and size.
  • photoFXlab presents an intuitive workspace that is dedicated to seamless navigation throughout all of the Topaz plug-ins. Effects can be applied instantly within this interface, basic image adjustments can be applied, and quick access to other plug-ins for more refined control are all supported.
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    • 1Description

    Topaz Labs LLC TP-TCC-C-001-GN specs

    Mac System Requirements Intel-based Macs with OS X 10.6-10.9 (not compatible with PowerPC processors)
    2 GB RAM minimum, more recommended
    Topaz ReMask requires 64-bit CPU
    photoFXlab requires OpenGL 2.1 or higher
    Windows System Requirements Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 or 64-bit), Windows 8
    2 GB RAM minimum, more recommended
    photoFXlab requires OpenGL 2.1 or higher
    Compatible Host Applications Adobe Photoshop (non-CC) and Photoshop Elements
    Adobe Photoshop CC
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (not compatible with ReMask)
    Apple Aperture (not compatible with ReMask)
    Apple iPhoto (not compatible with ReMask)
    Topaz photoFXlab
    Corel PaintShop Pro and PhotoImpact (not compatible with ReMask)
    Serif Photo Plus
    IrfanView (not compatible with ReMask)
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.3 x 5.3 x 0.3"

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