DJI Phantom Aerial Video & Ground Station Solution (no GoPro or iPad)

DJI Phantom Aerial Video & Ground Station Solution (no GoPro or iPad)

DJI Phantom Aerial Video & Ground Station Solution (no GoPro or iPad)

DJI Phantom Aerial Video & Ground Station Solution (no GoPro or iPad)

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Product Highlights

  • For Aerial Video and Long-Range FPV
  • Gimbal Stabilized Aerial GoPro Video
  • Autopilot Flying Using an iPad
  • Control Quadcopter from up to 1148'
  • Use iPad App to Define Autopilot Course
  • Underlay Course Map w/ Satellite Imagery
  • Update Flight Parameters in Real Time
  • Fly Manually with Virtual Control Pad
  • Wireless Video for FPV with 3937' Range
  • Flight Data Superimposed Over Video Feed
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WARNING: Carefully read instructions to ensure proper configuration before use. Failure to use this product responsibly may result in loss, damage, or injury.

DJI DJQGPMK2 overview

  • 1Description

The DJI Phantom Aerial Video and Ground Station Solution is a bundle from B&H that has been packaged to provide you with all of the add-on hardware that needs to be installed to use the Phantom with the iPad Ground Station system from DJI for autopilot flying, to shoot stabilized aerial video, and for first-person view (FPV). This includes wireless video, bluetooth, and video relays, upgraded power management, and a motorized gimbal stabilizer. Just about all you will need to add is a GoPro HERO3 or HERO3+ camera and an iPad with Bluetooth 4.0 to get up and running.

At the heart of this bundle is the Phantom with GoPro Mount, a quad-rotor RC helicopter that acts as an aerial platform for the GoPro HERO action camera. It features the DJI Naza-M flight controller system, an advanced computerized control system that is designed to make piloting multi-rotor aircraft simpler and more intuitive. Using GPS navigation, a multi-axis gimbal, compass, altimeter, and other data, Naza-M is designed to provide inexperienced pilots a safety net by countering potentially unsafe user inputs in order to maintain a stable flying condition no matter what happens. GPS and Attitude flight modes allow you to strike a balance between assisted-flying redundancy and maneuverability, and Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC) helps keep the aircraft "tail" pointed toward the pilot so that forward/back, left/right controls on the transmitter operate intuitively.

The Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal is a 3-axis motorized stabilizer that is specifically compatible with the HERO3 and HERO3+ Black or Silver Edition cameras. The gimbal is designed to isolate the mounted camera from vibration for much smoother, "jello effect"-free aerial footage. The Naza-M PMU Module is included, and serves to manage power supplied to the gimbal.

The 5.8GHz Video Kit is a first-person view (FPV) solution for the Phantom and GoPro combination. It transmits wireless video from the GoPro to a receiver, also included, that can be up to 3937' line-of-sight away, depending on conditions. Unlike the built-in Wi-Fi some GoPro models feature, which uses the same 2.4GHz band as the Phantom Transmitter (TX), the Video Kit operates on the 5.8GHz band so will not interfere with the transmitter.

The iOSD Mini is a telemetry relay and video transmitter for iOS devices. Complementing the 5.8GHz Video Kit in FPV applications, it captures vital flight data supplied by the Naza flight controller including power voltage, flight velocity, height, distance from the home point, horizontal attitude, number of GPS satellites, and sends it in real-time to a mobile device running iOS. It can also transmit video and for applications where a dedicated video monitor is unavailable or where the 5.8GHz Video Kit isn't being used, and can even superimpose telemetry data over the video image.

The 2.4G Bluetooth Datalink provides the wireless link required for data and control transmission by the DJI iPad Ground Station system. The Ground Station is designed to be a comprehensive solution for managing auto-pilot flights. Using the Ground Station app for Bluetooth 4-compatible iPads, you can practice in a flight simulator, map an autopilot course using "waypoint" navigation, fly the aircraft manually using virtual joysticks, monitor flight attitude in real-time and more.

Note: Installation of some of the hardware in this bundle requires splicing wires and soldering. In addition, not all of the components featured can be installed internally at once. Modification to the airframe may be required, depending on the configuration you choose.

Warning: Never use the DJI Phantom Quadcopter with your GoPro camera when both devices have their Wi-Fi systems turned on. The DJI Phantom's Wi-Fi and the GoPro camera's Wi-Fi run on the same frequency, so if you use them together when both Wi-Fi systems are engaged, the DJI Phantom's transmitter will lose the ability to communicate with the DJI Phantom Quadcopter. Whenever this happens, you will not be able to tell the Phantom where to fly. This may result in loss of property or damage to your equipment.

For more information on the individual items feature in this bundle please follow the links below.

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