SLR Lounge Lightroom Workshop Collection V5

SLR Lounge Lightroom Workshop Collection V5

SLR Lounge Lightroom Workshop Collection V5

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Product Highlights

  • Three-Part Tutorial Suite
  • For Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 and 5
  • Image Processing Mastery Workshop V5
  • Preset System & Workshop V5
  • Organization and Workflow Workshop V5
  • Extensive Step-by-Step Instruction
  • Exercise Files and Video Tutorials
  • Covers All Aspects of Lightroom Workflow
  • Editing and Organizational Techniques
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SLR Lounge SLRL0004 overview

  • 1Description

The SLR Lounge Lightroom Workshop Collection V5 is a three-part tutorial suite designed to cover all aspects of an efficient Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4/5 workflow. Including numerous step-by-step and video tutorials on image editing techniques, file management and organizational functions, plus a series of presets for quickly applying edits to imagery, this suite contains everything needed to familiarize oneself with the rich feature set of Lightroom. Hours of dedicated instruction are included on the three disc set, as well as helpful exercise files, and hands-on editing courses for effectively learning how to utilize Lightroom according to one's own needs.

  • Lightroom Image Processing Mastery Workshop V5 Tutorial

    The SLR Lounge Lightroom Image Processing Mastery Workshop V5 Tutorial contains over 10 hours of instructional hands-on tutorials, presented through full HD 1080p videos and a series of exercise images designed to increase your understanding of specific tools, features, and modules of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5. Led by Post Production Pye, and serving as a follow up to the Lightroom 4 A-Z Guide, this learning aid covers features in both Lightroom 4 and 5 programs and is designed to increase your knowledge of a variety of post-processing techniques for fixing common image issues as well as developing a mastery to create nearly any type of advanced image processing effect.

    Chapter 1, 2, and 3: Post Production and Local Adjustment Tool Basics
    The first three chapters are centered around tools and features to help those who are new to Lightroom to develop essential editing skills and an understanding of each image processing component of the Develop Module. Approximately 20 exercise images are used throughout these sections, each of which is designed to address a specific function of the Develop Module Panels and Local Adjustment tools in complete detail.
    Chapter 4: Develop Module Workflow Considerations
    Chapter 4 revolves around a variety of components within the Develop Module that are especially useful in regard to an overall workflow and development perspective. This section homes in on creating presets, a variety of methods of synchronizing image settings to desired Develop Module functions, and a range of useful shortcuts.
    Chapter 5: 30 Images, 30 Effects - Developing from Start to Finish
    This chapter builds upon learned techniques and offers 30 separate image tutorials from start to finish. Chapter 5 begins with fixing common image problems, such as harsh midday lighting, under-exposed images, over-exposed images, and flares, and continues into creating panoramic imagery, high contrast imagery, and extended dynamic range imagery.

    Next, an array of portrait edits are performed on a variety of subjects, from studio headshots to wedding photos, and finally transitioning into producing different types of stylized effects, including bright and airy vintage fade, film simulation, mood shots, grungy street portraits, tilt-shift effects, and more. Over the course of the 30 images, nearly every Lightroom processing technique is covered in order to develop a skill set capable of producing virtually any look or custom effect desired.
    Chapter 6: A Brief Look at Lightroom's Other Modules
    Deviating from the focus on the Library and Develop Modules, this chapter covers the general functionality of the Map, Book, Slideshow, Print, and Web Modules.
    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 - Introduction and Basics
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Develop Module Interface Basics
  • 3. Prepping Previews for Work

  • Chapter 2 - Post Production Basics
  • 4. 5 Tips for Image Processing
  • 5. Making Basic Corrections
  • 6. The Histogram
  • 7. The Tone Curve
  • 8. HSL Adjustments
  • 9. Black and White Conversion
  • 10. Split Toning
  • 11. The Details Panel
  • 12. The Lens Correction Panel
  • 13. The Effects Panel
  • 14. Camera Calibration and Soft Proofing

  • Chapter 3 - Local Adjustment Tools
  • 15. Introduction to Local Adjustments
  • 16. Using the Cropping Tool
  • 17. Spot Removal and Healing
  • 18. Red Eye Correction
  • 19. Graduated Filter Tool
  • 20. Radial Filters
  • 21. Adjustment Brushes

  • Chapter 4 - Workflow and Developing
  • 22. Introduction to Developing
  • 23. Using the Navigator
  • 24. How to Create Presets
  • 25. Presets vs. Snapshots
  • 26. Using the History Panel
  • 27. Creating Local Adjustments Presets
  • 28. Creating Virtual Copies
  • 29. 15 Develop Functions and Shortcuts
  • 30. 5 Ways to Sync Develop Settings

  • Chapter 5 - Develop Start to Finish
  • 31. Intro to Developing Start to Finish
  • 32. Fixing Harsh Lighting
  • 33. Fixing Underexposed Images
  • 34. Fixing Overexposure and Flares
  • 35. How to Create a Panoramic Image
  • 36. Making Details Pop
  • 37. Boosting Dynamic Range
  • 38. Boosting Dynamic Range Again!
  • 39. Dramatic Landscape Coloring
  • 40. Flattering Portraiture
  • 41. Beautiful Black and White
  • 42. Color Split Toning
  • 43. Black and White Split Toning
  • 44. Female Portrait Retouch Part I
  • 45. Female Portrait Retouch Part II
  • 46. Male Portrait Retouch Part I
  • 47. Male Portrait Retouch Part II
  • 48. Couples Portrait Retouch Part I
  • 49. Couples Portrait Retouch Part II
  • 50. Bright and Airy Newborns
  • 51. Colored Vintage Fade
  • 52. Colored Vintage Fade Again
  • 53. Simulating Color Film
  • 54. Simulating Color Film Again
  • 55. Simulating Black and White Film
  • 56. Dramatic Mood Shots
  • 57. Dramatic Mood Shots Again!
  • 58. Grungy Street Portraits
  • 59. Creating a Tilt Shift Effect
  • 60. Toy Camera or Softened Edge Look

  • Chapter 6 - Other Modules
  • 61. Introduction to Other Modules
  • 62. Using the Map Module
  • 63. The Power of the Book Module
  • 64. Using the Book Module for Wall Murals
  • 65. Creating Slideshows
  • 66. The Print and Web Modules
  • 67. Conclusion
  • Lightroom Preset System & Workshop V5

    The SLR Lounge Lightroom Preset System & Workshop V5 is a collection of 311 well-defined and efficient imaging presets for use in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 and 5. Based on an intuitive naming convention, these effects are easily accessible and can be applied in a fast, seamless manner when compared to manually applying multiple effects to images. Using a hierarchal system, presets are broken down into categories and can be modified in order to suit a vast array of photographic genres.

    This application also makes use of a host of educational guides and user-submitted Mixology Recipes for continuous updating and refinement of how one interacts with the presets.

    Intuitive Naming for Efficient Application
    Featuring an intuitive naming convention, presets can be easily located and applied using a systematic approach:

    B + C + A + S

  • First select a Base Preset (B) that is most closely related to the desired imaging effect.
  • Second, modify image contrast, fade, and color by selecting from the Curves (C), which are organized by color schema.
  • Thirdly, Adjustments (A) can be used to fine-tune the effect if desired.
  • Lastly, Special FX (S) can be used to further modify colors, add film grain, or apply lens effects to round out the finalized look.

  • The entire process functions in a streamlined manner and is designed to save time versus manually applying effects.
    Presets Designed for All Types of Photographers
    Presets have been designed for a breadth of photographic styles, ranging from landscape, to portrait, to photojournalism, and include everything in between. This approach to RAW image developing enables one to speed up his or her workflow while offering numerous creative options for image refinement.
    Education and Community Support
    A wide variety of consistently updated tutorials and user-submitted Mixology Recipes are available through SLR Lounge for an continuously expanding set of creative options.
    Content Breakdown
    311 total presets are provided:

  • 69 - One-Click Base Presets
  • 80 - Tone Curve Presets
  • 80 - Adjustment Presets
  • 24 - Color FX Presets
  • 8 - Film & Lens Presets
  • 17 - Legacy Mixology
  • 30 - Brush Presets
  • 3 - Export Presets
  • Lightroom Organization and Workflow Workshop V5

    The SLR Lounge Lightroom Organization and Workflow Workshop V5 is an extensive step-by-step tutorial focused on teaching the basic and advanced workflow, organizational, and file handling functions of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 and 5. Covering all aspects of Lightroom's unique catalog and image management systems, this program helps to understand and customize an efficient workflow system based on personal needs.

    Beginning with a foundation understanding of key concepts and features, this tutorial moves on to address a professional workflow and offers assistance in developing and learning how quickly and efficiently work with large groups of imagery for a more intuitive overall experience.

    Chapter 1 and 2: The Basics of Lightroom, Importing and Exporting
    Beginning with the basic essentials of Lightroom, these chapters cover the general image management system and focus on how to import images into Lightroom, edit in external editing programs, like Adobe Photoshop, and then how to export files into finished formats.
    Chapter 3: Customize the Lightroom Interface, Preferences, and Functionality
    After becoming familiarized with the standard interface of Lightroom, chapter 3 begins to introduce topics and features for setting up the program according to your own needs. Topics covered include how to adjust interface components like the identity plate and Panel End Marks, as well as how to create watermarks and customize the interface functionality.
    Chapter 4: Key Library Features for Image Management and Organization
    This chapter begins to delve deeper into Lightroom's core organizational and management features, and covers how to use Folders, Collections, and Keywords to organize images as well as different methods of rating and gathering images. Additional focus is given to how powerful Lightroom is in regard to an organization when pairing keywords, attributes, and image metadata with Lightroom's intelligent filtering menu.
    Chapter 5: The Importance of Mastering an Efficient Workflow
    After completing the first four chapters, users will have a strong understanding of Lightroom's Library Module and overall management and organizational functionality. Chapter 5 builds upon this knowledge by sharing an example of an entire Lightroom workflow process.

    This example is based on Post Production Pye's (SLR Lounge developer and Lightroom expert) own workflow of processing upwards of 1800 images per hour with just a mouse, programmable keyboard, and the SLR Lounge Preset System. The overall goal of this chapter is to not only showcase an especially efficient working system, but to also provide the tools and ability to formulate a system matched to your own needs. A customizable checklist is included, too, for reference and to help develop such a system.
    Chapter 6: Advanced Image Management Functionality
    Chapter 6 focuses on covering Lightroom's other image management assets, such as tethered capture, automated import folders, and synchronizing different versions of the same catalog. This chapter helps to develop a working knowledge of some of the more intricate and nuanced features of Lightroom's catalog functions.
    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 - Introduction
  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. What is Adobe Lightroom?
  • 03. Lightroom's Strengths and Limitations
  • 04. 3 Keys to The Lightroom Catalog
  • 05. Recommended Catalog Workflow
  • 06. Best Practices in Production Workflow

  • Chapter 2 - Getting Started
  • 07. Introduction
  • 08. Creating Our First Catalog
  • 09. Understanding Importing
  • 10. 3 Ways to Skin Every Lightroom Cat
  • 11. 8 Interface Components and Shortcuts
  • 12. Module and Shortcut Overview
  • 13. Taking Images to Photoshop
  • 14. The Basics of Exporting

  • Chapter 3 - Customizing Lightroom
  • 15. Introduction
  • 16. Customize Your Interface and Views
  • 17. My 3 Favorite Loupe View Metadata
  • 18. Customizing Grid View Attributes
  • 19. Customizing the Identity Plate
  • 20. Customizing Panel End Marks
  • 21. How to Create a Watermark
  • 22. Additional Interface Customization
  • 23. Using Neutral Desktop Background

  • Chapter 4 - Key Library Features
  • 24. Introduction
  • 25. Folders and 10 Tools to Manage Them
  • 26. 5 Reasons Collections Rock
  • 27. Why You Should Use Publish Services
  • 28. Histogram and Quick Develop Panel
  • 29. Everything About Keywording
  • 30. The Basics of Metadata
  • 31. 3 Ways to Rate and Cull Images
  • 32. 3 Reasons the Filmstrip is Awesome
  • 33. 3 Methods to Filter Images
  • 34. 5 Library Toolbar Functions
  • 35. Stacking and Why I am not a Fan
  • 36. How and When to Rename Images
  • 37. 10 Must Know Library View Shortcuts
  • 38. Library Function Shortcuts

  • Chapter 5 - A Professional Workflow
  • 39. Introduction
  • 40. 5 Tips on Your Shooting Workflow
  • 41. Hardware to Optimize Speed
  • 42. IPS Displays and Color Correction
  • 43. Optimize General Preferences
  • 44. Optimize Catalog Settings
  • 45. Creating a Soft Import Develop Preset
  • 46. Creating a Vivid Import Develop Preset
  • 47. Creating a Standard Metadata Preset
  • 48. General Import Preset
  • 49. How to Sync Camera Capture Times
  • 50. How to Keyword a Wedding Catalog
  • 51. Rendering Previews Prior to Working
  • 52. The 3 Pass Workflow Overview
  • 53. Our 3 Step Logic to Culling
  • 54. Simple Culling Out Example
  • 55. Simple Culling in Example
  • 56. Syncing Functions
  • 57. Process by Scene
  • 58. Rename Prior to Export
  • 59. Creating Export Presets
  • 60. Understanding Archival
  • 61. Refer to the Workflow Checklist

  • Chapter 6
  • 62. Introduction
  • 63. How to Use the Auto Import Function
  • 64. How to Import via Tethered Capture
  • 65. Export Import and Sync Catalogs
  • 66. Export with Previous
  • 67. Export to Email
  • 68. Shortcuts You May Not Know
  • 69. Use View Modes to Navigate Modules
  • 70. Using XMP Sidecar Files
  • 71. RAW vs. DNG
  • 72. NAS and Smart Preview Catalog
  • 73. Conclusion
  • Lightroom Image Processing Mastery Workshop V5 Tutorial
    Software Requirements Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 or 5
    File Size 4.9 GB
    Packaging Infobsdqbevwstdrxbvzfuuwqbfwvucvrswffcvtb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.4 x 5.5 x 0.3"
  • Lightroom Preset System & Workshop V5
    Software Requirements Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 or 5
    File Size 2.3 GB
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.3 x 5.4 x 0.2"
  • Lightroom Organization and Workflow Workshop V5
    Software Requirements Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 or 5
    File Size 5.5 GB
    Packaging Info
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 7.402 x 5.512 x 0.315"

SLR Lounge SLRL0004 reviews

Lightroom Workshop Collection V5 is rated 5.0 out of 5 by 3.
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Can not use Lightroom without it! Its hard to remember the days when I would use lightroom without SLR lounge. If your like me and have thousands of pictures and not a lot of time to take those photos to the next level then this is the product for you. Alterations that would take me hours have been shortened to minutes and with SLR I can do things in lightroom I didn't even know were possible! I honestly can not imagine using lightroom without this product.
Date published: 2014-08-06
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Love SLR Lounge and These Workshops These workshops are great because they are very comprehensive and straight forward. I've learned a lot from these and my photography and business has done better because of them. I feel like I've gone through an intensive course or workshop. The greatest thing is that the education continues and I continue to share my images on their community for feedback and support.
Date published: 2014-02-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Super easy to use and amazing presets!!! In a few months ago inadvertently touched SLR Lounge of LR preset since they did not grab a specially LR trial version to test this preset I can only say that I admire who authors the ability to collate all very choreographed As long as the logic step by step according to its simple and straightforward steps can be easily made out very taste of photos
Date published: 2014-08-06
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