Avid NewsCutter 11 Editing Software with Mojo DX I/O Device

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Avid NewsCutter 11 Editing Software with Mojo DX I/O Device
Key Features
  • Native Editing with Avid Media Access
  • Allows FrameChase Editing During Capture
  • Automated Media Management Tools
  • H.264 Proxy Support
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NewsCutter 11 Editing Software with Mojo DX I/O Device is a bundle from Avid for desktop computers running 64-bit versions of either Windows 7 or Windows 8. It features editing software designed for news industry professionals working against tight deadlines as well as an I/O device for SD and HD capture, monitoring, and to provide hardware acceleration of the editing workflow.
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Avid NewsCutter 11 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2What's New for Version 11
  • 3Editing With NewsCutter
  • 4Bundled Applications

NewsCutter 11 Editing Software with Mojo DX I/O Device is a bundle from Avid for desktop computers running 64-bit versions of either Windows 7 or Windows 8. It features editing software designed for news industry professionals working against tight deadlines as well as an I/O device for SD and HD capture, monitoring, and to provide hardware acceleration of the editing workflow.

Geared toward high-pressure broadcast news editing, NewsCutter is designed to provide all the tools journalists need to produce news-from the field or in the newsroom. Tight integration with newsroom automation systems and playout servers, ultra-fast media acquisition, and support for open and efficient production workflows make NewsCutter a defensible choice for independent stations and worldwide media organizations alike.

The Mojo DX is an SDI video I/O device that supports SD- and HD-SDI video input and output and features an HDMI monitor output. Not only does it act as a video capture and monitoring device, it can also provide hardware acceleration in conjunction with the host computer's CPU and GPU helping to greatly reduce effects rendering times as well as transcode times. The device is supported by NewsCutter 11 as well as several other Avid products, including Media Composer and Symphony. It encodes captured video to Avid's proprietary DNxHD codec to provide the most efficient workflow available on NewsCutter and features onboard support for full and thin raster processing to shift the burden of anamorphic squeezing/de-squeezing off the host computer. In addition, the Mojo supports up to 16 channels of digital audio (including HD-SDI-embedded audio) as well as two auxiliary analog channels.

The Mojo DX interfaces with the computer using a dedicated PCIe host card and therefore requires a desktop computer with a free PCIe slot for hardware installation.

What's New for Version 11

  • Remote editing, workgroup collaboration, and upload with Interplay Sphere
  • Windows 8 operating system support
  • Deliver finished sequences to a standardized AS-11 (AMWA) MXF OP1a file
  • Select multiple clips in the timeline without the filler
  • View location sound metadata from Broadcast Wave files with support for iXML
  • Work with Alpha channel media using the new AMA QuickTime with Alpha plug-in
  • New AMA enhancements to streamline your workflow

Editing With NewsCutter

    Editing Interface
    Edit faster with a freshened and sleeker, but familiar interface. Work the way you want with the mouse, screen buttons, or keyboard shortcuts, with full customization of screen and keyboard layouts designed to speed things up further

    Editing Tools
    NewsCutter includes streamlined editing tools designed for fast turnaround of news packages. With its flexible interface that is designed to be intuitive and fast to pick up, NewsCutter aims to allow editors of every experience level get up and running quickly

    Expert Search
    Easily find material using text search in common fields, across bins on local or shared storage

    Seamless Integration

    Native Support for SD and HD Codecs
    Through AMA (Avid Media Access) you can start editing footage right away without transcoding on the timeline. NewsCutter features native support for a wide range of SD and HD codecs, including: NTSC, PAL, DV, HDV, XDCAM, AVC-Intra, AVCHD, GFCAM, QuickTime, and DVCPRO HD, HDCAM SR Lite, and more

    Direct to HD Down-conversion
    More content today is shot in high resolution formats such as 4K, while the majority of programming is still HD. With the new FrameFlex tools, you can immediately start working in HD directly from high-res sources and maintain full creative control of the image reframing and keyframing, from beginning to end

    Closed Caption and Ancillary Data Support
    Seamless SMPTE 436-compliant ancillary data is supported and preserved from ingest, through edit, to playback

    H.264 Proxy Support
    Edit H.264 proxies created by the AirSpeed server and automatically conform to high res material for faster response, higher stream count, and broader availability across the network

    720p Proxy Transcode
    Use NewsCutter to create lightweight proxy versions of 720p material for easier collaboration, simpler searching, and efficient high-res archive/low-res on-line workflow

    When you finish editing the story, push it to AirSpeed or other playout servers with a single click. Plus, you can route audio signals when sending to air for easier multi-version workflows., and pull material from selected play-to-air servers, edit the content, and push it back

    Multimedia Export
    Use the integrated tools to create a large variety of high-quality output formats for Web or electronic delivery. Take advantage of easy-to-use compression templates or create your own

    Broadcast WAV Support
    View location sound metadata from Broadcast Wave files with support for iXML. Insert the sequence timecode based on project type when exporting the timeline audio tracks as BWF (Broadcast WAV). Provides fast and easy sync reference for downstream process that do not support OMF or AAF such as slave playback devices

    Avid DNxHD Support
    Edit HD material in real time on your software system using Avid DNxHD encoding, including HD offline using Avid DNxHD36 media. The high-efficiency Avid DNxHD codec is designed to maintain image quality during multi-generation editing


    Share Media and Ideas in Real Time
    NewsCutter is designed for collaboration. With ISIS shared media networks and Interplay Production asset management, teams work in parallel as producers, assistants, and reviewers located anywhere find, shot-list, review, and annotate while editors simultaneously access the same media

    Interplay Services
    With the Interplay Sphere option for remote cloud-based collaboration, you can edit camera-acquired content in the field, incorporate media on the ISIS storage back at the station, and upload the finished package quickly, easily and transparently using the same tools and workflows you know and trust. As soon as it's on the ISIS storage, everyone in the workgroup -- including others in the field -- can instantly access and use the material

    Integrated Graphics Power
    Add high-impact graphics and effects with Avid Motion Graphics (AMG). With Avid Motion Graphics, customized graphics and effects from templates created AMG or Deko can be completed in NewsCutter and incorporated into packages, saving time and steps while delivering consistent, eye-catching station branding

    Finishing Tools

    Color Correction
    NewsCutter Features a fully integrated 10-bit color correction toolset. Use the one-click analysis tool to automatically correct each clip in a sequence, or NaturalMatch to quickly and accurately color-match shots

    Titles and Graphics
    Complete all elements of your news story in your editing software. Add lower thirds, titles, and graphics using the fully integrated and easy-to-use tools. Create and save templates for a consistent, branded look and feel

    Keyboard and Timeline

    One-Step Keys
    One-step keys for editing speed: Top, Tail, Review Edit, Extend. Quickly execute commonly used enhanced edits and shortcuts, single-keystroke trimming, and instant edit viewing without shuttling

    Edit to Timeline
    In this mode material appears directly on the timeline as it's recorded

    Top and Tail Buttons
    Time saving one-button position marking of in and out points while simultaneously extracting unwanted footage in front of or following the marked points

    Edit Review
    One button replay of an edit

    Play Standby Button
    Places play in standby mode to prepare for playback


    AMA (Avid Media Access)
    A plug-in architecture that accelerates file-based workflow by allowing media on removable card or disc devices to viewed and edited right away, eliminating the need to first transcode or copy media to a local drive in order to view or extract the clips. XDCAM, P2, GFCAM, and Canon XF formats are supported as well as QuickTime files. This feature is shared with Media Composer and Symphony

    Frame Chase Editing
    Play or edit MXF media that is currently being captured by another supported device such as Avid AirSpeed Multi Stream. Eliminates a digitizing bottleneck; multiple workstations can begin editing immediately as footage is acquired

    Quick Record
    Enables mouse-free and keyboard-free recording and shot selection of material into NewsCutter using the VTR shuttle knob. When Quick Record mode is enabled, NewsCutter starts capturing automatically whenever the servo-lock mode is detected from the deck. When the deck is playing and servo-lock is detected, capturing begins and continues until play is stopped, at which point it will wait for the next servo lock signal. In this way recording and rough NewsCutter edits can be completed just using the VTR jog knob

    Timed Capture (Scheduled Recording)
    Unattended recording at preset times for multiple events. Allows recording through NewsCutter to local or Avid Unity shared storage of a one-time or regularly occurring event or satellite feed

    Custom Record Tool Fields
    Extra text fields (up to 10) are available for entry of descriptive metadata and annotation before and during capture such as journalist name, location, etc. The extra text fields appear as columns in the bins

    Story Shortcuts

    Voice Over Record
    Record voice-overs directly into the NewsCutter application

    Quickly repurposes an SOT story into a B-roll video ready for anchor voiceover. A time-saving way of repurposing stories for later use or to quickly create multiple versions of a story

    A tag to include information and formatting for any linked clips in a story. When a video clip is hyperlinked to a story, HTML formatting, Javascript code, text, and other elements can be linked as well. HyperClip is also a part of Post to Web functionality

    Alternate Edit
    Cycles through pre-selected alternate shots within a story to decide which works best in context or to repackage news stories instantly. One button previewing and overwriting of a selected clip in a sequence with any other pre-selected clips. Each time the button is pressed, the clip where the position indicator is located is replaced by a clip in the Alternate Edits bin

    Newsroom and Workflow

    Locators mark a single frame within a clip or sequence to allow the point to be easily found later. The locater can include an attached text note or link. Locators can be added on-the-fly or after recording. Color coding of locators facilitates finding clips b category or content. Eight colored locators are mapped to eight (F5-F12) function keys

    NRCS Tool
    Opens an iNEWS or ENPS interactive session within NewsCutter. Editors can view rundowns and scripts and edit video to scripts by dropping selected or pre-selected (based on locaters created in iNEWS) text directly to the timeline. Clips are pre-timed to reporter's read rate. Improves, simplifies, and speeds story creation between journalist and editor; full functionality with Asian-language scripts. Includes several capabilities including sending mail within iNEWS workgroups

    Loaded Cues
    Links that act as pointers within an iNEWS script to master clips stored in Avid bins. Makes it easy to move clips or sequences between scripts and bins as a story is edited. Includes display of a loaded cue icons and head frames

    Locate sequences with associated NRCS stories or locate stories from their associated video sequences. Makes it easier to find stories on the iNEWS server or to load sequences for iNEWS scripts directly into the timeline

    Post to Web
    Through the NRCS tool, NewsCutter can generate a hypertext version of the iNEWS story for viewing on a web site. The Post to Web feature helps you create internet content directly from a single script rather than requiring the production of multiple content versions for broadcast and for the web. When a story is posted to the web, the Web page can include the text of the iNEWS story, as well as links to video and image files. User-designed templates provide formatting for the Web content. Post to Web automatically changes NRCS scripts that have been written in uppercase to lower case except for the first words in sentences. It also deletes presenter instruction and closed captions. This feature works in conjunction with any application that can receive HTML, and works with the Avid Active Content Manager online news publishing application


    Send to Playback Command
    This command is typically used by an editor or journalist to simultaneously create and send a single "flat" file to a playback or transmission server. Enhancements to this feature in v.8.0 save several steps and simplify workflow, especially when using proxy editing or different resolutions for editing and transmission. With one click the Send to Playback command automatically:
    • Re-links to full resolution media specified by the target settings
    • Renders any un-rendered effects
    • Performs necessary transcoding from the editing resolution to desired playback resolution

    Digital Cut with Audio Mix Mode
    The Digital Cut Tool allows sequences to be easily recorded to another device. In NewsCutter, an Audio Mix Mode button allows the editor to do a pre-mix of audio tracks with preset levels for voice and ambiance, for example. This can avoid the need for mixing by a sound engineer

    Disable Resolutions
    A user or administrator can specify resolutions that should be disabled, preventing disallowed resolutions to be accidentally played to air

    GPI Triggers
    NewsCutter can send signals to a V-LAN VLXi deck controller and a general purpose interface GPI

    Bundled Applications

    Interplay Transfer (Standalone Version)

    Manages processor-intensive media transfers to and from video servers and transcoding engines. Broadcasters and post-production facilities can exchange high-resolution media with other workgroups, remote locations, and partner-integrated systems

    Avid DVD

    DVD authoring software to help you compose professional DVD and Blu-ray media complete with full interactive menus

    Avid FX

    Avid's own effects composition software. Avid FX allows you to create and animate titles, effects, transitions, and more

    NewBlue Titler Pro v1

    This dedicated titling application helps you created 2D and 3D titles to add a finished, professional feel to your stories

    Sorenson Squeeze

    Transcoding software that allows you to export your stories to a wide range of formats from broadcast and DVD friendly to Web and mobile optimized

    Avid NewsCutter 11 Specs

    System RequirementsComputer: See Avid website for latest qualified Windows-based computers
    OS: Windows 7 Professional SP 1 (64-bit), Windows 8 Professional or Enterprise (64-bit)
    Processor: Intel Quad Core i7 or Quad Core Xeon
    4 GB RAM minimum (6 GB or more recommended)
    8 GB RAM minimum required to support Interplay Sphere
    16 GB RAM minimum recommended to support full-frame stereoscopic 3D, simultaneous background transcoding, Dynamic Media Folders, FrameFlex 4K workflows, Raw format AMA plug-ins, Long GOP media editing, and other high-performance workflows
    Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce family 3 (Q600 or higher recommended), Intel HD4000
    Internal Hard Drive: Minimum 250 GB 7200rpm SATA drive or 128 GB SSD
    Optical Drive: DVD-ROM required for disc-based software installation

    Quicktime: Avid has tested and qualified Apple QuickTime 7.6.9
    Windows Media Player: Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 is required to export certain formats and to work with VC-1 material

    Note: DNxHD capture with Mojo DX is only supported with Windows-based Intel Core i7 laptops (Quad Core with Hyper-Threading)
    I/O Device
    Host ConnectionPCIe card installed in host computer
    Video I/O1 x BNC for HD/SD-SDI input
    1 x BNC for HD/SD-SDI output
    1 x HDMI output for monitoring (all formats supported up to 1920 x 1080)
    Audio I/O8 x channels of embedded SD-SDI audio I/O -- via SDI I/O connectors
    16 x channels of embedded HD-SDI audio I/O -- via SDI I/O connectors
    8 x channels of optical ADAT I/O
    2 x channels of optical S/PDIF I/O -- shared with ADAT I/O connector
    2 x 1/4" TRS connectors for stereo analog audio input
    2 x 1/4" TRS connectors for stereo analog audio output
    1 x 3.5 mm TRS connector for stereo headphone output
    Sync1 x reference sync -- blackburst or HD tri-level sync input, combined connector
    1 x word clock output
    Device ControlRS-422 on 9-pin DIN
    Onboard SupportDNxHD thin raster
    System RequirementsAvid Media Composer, NewsCutter, or Symphony software
    Avid-qualified Windows- or Mac-based computer
    Free PCIe x4 card slot
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