Quark QuarkXPress 9 Edition for Education (DVD)

Quark QuarkXPress 9 Edition for Education (DVD)

Quark QuarkXPress 9 Edition for Education (DVD)

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Product Highlights

  • Professional Layout and Design Tools
  • Digital Publishing for Web and eBooks
  • Create and Publish iPad Apps
  • Import Photoshop & Illustrator Documents
  • Integrates with Excel and Word
  • Intuitive and User-friendly Interface
  • Reliable and Accurate Print Output
  • Preflight and Collaboration Tools
  • Precision Typography
  • Layout Automation
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Note: This product is an educational discounted version available to qualified students and faculty/staff of accredited academic institutions only. Proof of current educational status is required. If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact us prior to purchasing.

  • 1Description

The QuarkXPress 9 Edition for Education from Quark is desktop publishing software for Mac & Windows and is designed to create and publish rich, compelling materials for print, web, e-readers, tablets and more.

QuarkXPress got its start in the print world and brings over two decades of industry-leading experience in desktop publishing. The program gives you precise control over text, images, shapes, color and opacity and is compatible with a broad range of file formats. However, things don't end there. Equally as important as its ease of use and design capabilities is reliable and accurate print output.

To make sure your print matches what's on your screen, QuarkXPress provides soft proofing features, comprehensive color management and support for international color standards. It also includes built-in pre-flighting that can identify potential output issues early in the design process. When your layout is ready for output, QuarkXPress provides user-friendly presets for print-ready PDFs to be sure output goes smoothly.

QuarkXPress isn't just for print though. It also offers a complete set of intelligent, cross-media design and export features which allows print designers to feel right at home with digital publishing, web content and even interactive content. With QuarkXpress you can easily convert your work from print to digital format or share color definitions, style sheets and other resources between digital and print layouts.

Students, teachers, and administrators receive special educational pricing on QuarkXPress software, textbooks, and curriculum when they meet the requirements below:

  • Accredited public or private primary or secondary school providing full-time instruction for grades K-12 or a school district for such schools.
  • Accredited public or private university or college (including community, junior or vocational college) that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two (2) years of full-time study.
  • Administrative offices or boards of education of educational institutions.
  • Quark authorized training providers as approved by Quark, Inc.
  • Home schools approved by Quark at our sole discretion.
  • Government schools located in United States territories.
  • Named educational entities approved by Quark in writing or listed by Quark on its Web site.
  • Hospitals that are wholly owned and operated by an educational institution. Wholly owned and operated means the educational institution is the sole owner of the hospital and is the only entity exercising control over day-to-day operations.
  • Higher education research laboratories that are a public institution and recognized by the department of education, teach students as part of their research mission, and can provide a copy of bylaws that state the relationship with the controlling university.
  • Educational consortia and systems: Corporations and associations validly organized and existing under the laws of a state or territory of the United States, each member or shareholder is an accredited school.
  • Students attending an accredited public or private, primary or secondary school with valid student ID and a class schedule showing current enrollment.
  • Students attending an accredited public or private university or college (including community, junior, or vocational college) that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two (2) years of full-time study with a valid student ID and a class schedule showing current enrollment.
  • Quark education product validation code notice
  • QuarkXPress software sold at the discounted education pricing does not ship with the validation code required to activate the software. After purchasing, you must provide proof of eligibility in order to receive the required validation code.

After purchasing QuarkXPress at the discounted price, you will be directed to an eligibility verification website. The website will enable you to provide the required verification of your academic status. Once your eligibility has been verified, your validation code will be emailed to you.
Proof of eligibility for STUDENTS: A school photo identification card that includes school name, your name, a photo and a current enrollment date* AND one of the following items:
  • Official, current non-photo student ID with name and current enrollment date
  • Official, current school transcript indicating name of school and student with current date
  • Official, current school tuition bill indicating name of school and student with current date
  • Official, current report card indicating name of school and student with current date
  • Other official dated proof of enrollment
  • *If you do not have such an ID, you must instead provide a photo identification card, driver license, passport or other official photo identification.

Proof of eligibility for FACULTY & STAFF: A school photo identification card that includes school name, your name, a photo and a current date* AND one of the following items:
  • Official, paycheck stub with current date and name of school and employee

Easy to Use

Multiple Views
QuarkXPress lets you zoom in and out simultaneously. The Split View feature allows you to divide a window into separate views of the same layout and each view acts like a separate window with its own level of magnification. You can even divide views across multiple monitors
Streamlined, Modern, Intuitive Interface
The streamlined, modern, intuitive interface of QuarkXPress provides a workspace that lets you achieve your design and layout goals as effortlessly as possible
Save commonly used elements such as a logo, design, or a run of text to the library and drag and drop them in your layout
Palette Sets
You can have different arrangements of palettes for each type of work you do and easily switch between them
Task-based Tools
QuarkXpress helps you find the tools you need quickly and easily by making them easily accessible

Powerful Design Tools

Table Creation
The QuarkXPress Tables feature lets you easily present complex data for annual reports, product spec sheets and other materials in an attractive layout. You can create table content manually in QuarkXPress, or you can import content by linking to an Excel file. If you update a linked Excel file, the QuarkXPress document can be automatically updated to reflect the changes
Intelligent Scaling
The Scale palette lets you precisely scale items, pages and even entire layouts with total control over which aspects of the content are being scaled. If you scale up a multi-column text box, for example, you can control whether you want to scale up its text, insets, gutters and frame. You can scale to an exact size or by a specific percentage
Picture Effects and Filters
The Picture Effects palette lets you apply nondestructive adjustments to photos from within the layout. Apply, combine, reorder and tweak effects such as Levels, Curves, Color Balance, Blur, Emboss, and Diffuse without needing to launch an image-editing application, resave and re-import
Space/Align and Distribution
The Space/Align tab of the Measurements palette provides a set of easy-to-use buttons that make it easy for you to align and distribute items on a page or spread. Intuitive button icons provide a visual cue of what each of the functions does
Easily Create and Apply Shapes to Any Content
Create unique shapes from within the layout with the Bézier Pen tools or the ShapeMaker feature. Decorate any box with color, blends and frames, then fill it with any type of content
Color Blends
Fill a box with a blend that fades gradually from one color into another, or from one color into transparency. Choose from six blend shapes and precisely control the angle of each blend
Super Step and Repeat
Super Step and Repeat lets you duplicate items and adjust the angle, shade, scale and skew of the copies. If you scale items, you can choose whether to scale their contents as well
Automatic Text Runaround
QuarkXPress offers several options to run text around an item or image. You can use embedded paths, draw your own runaround paths or let QuarkXPress take care of it automatically
This feature allows you to put different types of items on different lockable layers, then easily hide or show them on the screen and at output
Full Resolution Preview
Choose to display imported images in full resolution for detail work or as low-resolution previews for speed and efficiency
Guides and Grids
Guides and grids give you precise control over item and text alignment with two dedicated palettes
Clipping Paths and Alpha Masking
Seamlessly blend images into your layouts with clipping paths and masks
Illustration (Bézier/Pen) Tools
Pen tools and keyboard shortcuts make illustrating quick and easy
Transparency and Drop Shadows
Enables you to add depth to your layouts with transparency
A smart, efficient way to clone design elements
Enables you to easily create unique shapes

Integration with other Applications

Import and Adjust Almost Any Image File
Not only does QuarkXPress let you import and color-manage most any image file, it also lets you edit it from within the layout. Adjust levels, curves, brightness/contrast and color balance as well as apply filters to blur, sharpen, add noise and more
Import Native Adobe Illustrator Files
Import Adobe Illustrator (.ai) files directly into a layout without first exporting them as EPS or PDF files. That means one less step when creating layouts, one less file to keep track of and less time and effort when you need to update
Import, Export and Edit Text
QuarkXPress makes it easy to import, export and edit text in a wide variety of formats. You can drag and drop text files into a layout and use Story Editor view for maximum readability
Import Tables and Charts from Microsoft Excel
QuarkXPress lets you import data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, make an attractive presentation, then update the content from the Excel file without losing any formatting
Import XML and Publish Personalized Marketing Materials
The XML Import feature allows you to automatically generate professional-quality, personalized marketing materials
PSD Import
Import and manipulate Photoshop (PSD) documents
Add Video, Audio and SWF (Flash)
Enrich interactive layouts with multimedia files

Digital Publishing: Web, SWF (Flash), Smartphones, E-readers and Tablets

Automatic Image Format Conversion
Use One Set of Image Files for Cross-media Design. With the QuarkXPress automatic image conversion feature, you can use the same image files when designing for Web, interactive and digital media that you use when designing for print. QuarkXPress automatically converts image files into a format suitable for each medium so if you use PSD, EPS, or TIFF files you don't have to manually convert them to PNG for use on an iPad. When exporting for the Web, you can even choose which image file format you want QuarkXPress to use
Convert Print to Digital Publishing Formats (Web, SWF/Flash, e-books)
With QuarkXPress, you don't have to recreate a print project from scratch for the Web, SWF (Flash), e-books and digital devices such as the iPad; you can simply convert it. Once you've converted it, you can customize it for the new medium with page transitions, videos, sounds, slideshows and more. Best of all, you can do all this with the same set of tools, without having to learn a new application for each medium
Use Advanced Interactive Functions
In addition to allowing you to create scripted behaviors without writing scripts, QuarkXPress lets you build sophisticated interactivity into a project with a feature called Expressions. Expressions allows you to author intelligent behaviors in a programming-like environment. That means you can create tests, games and other interactive content
Text-to-image Conversion
When you export to HTML from QuarkXPress, you can stay searchable by exporting text as text or keep your fonts and formatting by converting the text to images. You can also make this decision on a box-by-box basis and choose which image format to use for each box. You can choose GIF, JPG, PNG or even SWF (Flash) if you want a vector-based format
Learn Once for Multiple Channels
QuarkXPress provides a toolset that allows you to design and publish for a variety of output formats including the internet, smartphones, e-readers and tablets without having to learn a different skill set for each or purchase additional software applications
Export HTML Web Pages
The powerful tools in QuarkXPress aren't just for print, you can also use them to create attractive web pages complete with hyperlinks, menus, forms, image maps, and rollovers while maintaining complete control over the look of the exported page
Build HTML Forms - No Coding Required
You can build a form in a web page by simply drawing the fields, menus and buttons you want in that form. Then simply configure the form elements with fields and drop-down menus without knowing or writing a line of code
Add Meta Tag Sets
You can make your exported Web pages more visible to search engines by including meta tag sets. QuarkXPress makes it easy to build meta tag sets and then use them in multiple web projects
Include Page and Object Transitions
Instead of just appearing and disappearing, you can make pages and objects fade, curtain and zoom into and out with complete control over transition duration
Add Hyperlinks and Anchors
QuarkXPress lets you automatically create hyperlinked tables of contents, text and image-based hyperlinks, then include them in web pages and PDFs
App Studio
Create your own iPad apps using App Studio then publish and control your own interactive publications. App Studio is powered by Aquafadas
Single-click Export of HTML and SWF (Flash)
QuarkXPress lets you design and export HTML pages that include SWF (Flash) blocks using the same tools you use to design print output
Add Navigation Menus to Your Web Pages and Interactive Layouts
Use a simple dialog box to build navigation menus that help your users get around in web or Flash projects
Design for Blio eReader
Create interactive content for the Blio eReader then sell it through the Blio online bookstore
Export to ePUB
Convert your QuarkXPress layouts into standardized e-books for the iPad, Sony Reader, NOOK and more
Create Flash Animations
Create SWF (Flash) animations without knowing or writing a line of code
Add Pop-up Windows
Easily create custom windows for your interactive media
Synchronized Content
Automatically synchronize text, pictures and formatting
Add Video, Audio and SWF (Flash)
Easily enrich interactive layouts with multimedia files
Create Custom Buttons
Easily create simple and multi-state buttons
Create Scripted Behaviors
Combine actions into powerful scripts

Precision Typography

Special Characters
QuarkXPress gives you multiple ways to insert special characters. You can use a Glyphs palette to view all of the characters in any font and easily insert them into a document. You can also use a menu item to insert invisible characters and other types of special characters. QuarkXPress also provides keyboard shortcuts for the most-often-used special characters
Create Custom H&J Specifications
The H&J (Hyphenation & Justification) feature lets you completely control the way words hyphenate or prevents them from hyphenating at all. The H&J feature also provides complete control over the way text is justified. You can create multiple H&J settings and apply them to different paragraphs in the same text
Glyphs Palette
The Glyphs palette provides instant visual access to any character in any font, including modern Unicode and OpenType fonts. You can insert any character into text by double-clicking or click-and-dragging. You can even save favorite characters for easy access
Create Custom Kerning Pairs and Tracking Curves
You can use the automatic kerning table built into a font, or override it with your own kerning pair values. You can also create custom tracking curves that adjust the spacing between characters depending on the point size of the text
Apply Kerning and Tracking
The kerning and tracking features in QuarkXPress help you achieve optimal spacing between character pairs automatically or manually and copyfit text by manipulating the space between every character in a word, line or paragraph
Take Advantage of Unicode and OpenType
With full support for Unicode and OpenType, QuarkXPress gives you easy access to swash characters, discretionary ligatures, alternate versions of characters, ordinals, alternate metrics and many other font features
Convert Text to Picture and Text Boxes
In QuarkXPress, you can select a few characters or an entire paragraph of text and convert it to boxes with a single command. Then you can fill the boxes with text, colors, or even an image
Additional Features
Font mapping, hyphenation exceptions, text find/change, hot-swappable user interface, languages, custom text runaround, spellchecking and hyphenation in 38+ languages
Font Fallback
The Font Fallback feature ensures that if a font is missing, a suitable alternate font is substituted so you can still see the content and not boxes or question marks
Make an Impression with Professional Text Formatting
QuarkXPress allows you to do nearly anything you can think of with your typography; packaging over two decades of experience into QuarkXpress 9
Run Text Along a Complex Path
QuarkXPress lets you create any shape you can imagine with Bézier tools and then run text along that shape, with full typographic control
Jabber lets you fill a box with text so you can see what the final layout will look like when the content is ready
Create Custom Underline Styles
You can create your own underline styles for text with different widths, colors, shades and offsets
Story Editor
Allows you to concentrate on just the text by hiding the elements in the layout
East Asian Typography
QuarkXPress lets layout artists work with East Asian typographical concepts
Conditional Styles
Automatically style content based on powerful styling rules
Page Grids and Grid Styles
Maintain complete control over text and object alignment
Style Sheets
Control and update text style with style sheets
Bullets and Numbering
Easily create and customize lists and outlines
Unlink and relink text boxes without overflow
Hanging Characters
Allows you to create accurately aligned margins

Layout Automation

Item Styles
Item styles are like style sheets for items. An item style is a named package of formatting options for items only. For example, you can define an item style named Sidebar that describes a box of a particular size and color with a particular frame, text inset, vertical alignment and runaround - then assign that item style to a box by clicking the item style in a palette or pressing a custom keyboard command
Speed Layout with Master Pages
The Master Pages feature lets you create a "template" for a page, then use that template throughout a layout. You can have multiple master pages per layout - for example, one for the cover, one for the terms of conditions and one for body pages. If you update a master page, all the pages that use it get updated automatically. Combine shared content and you can even create hierarchical master pages
Item Find/Change
The Item Find/Change feature allows you to find and replace a wide range of item attributes, including box characteristics, box colors, frame characteristics and line, picture, text and drop-shadow attributes. You can even search for an attribute such as box size and then wherever it's found, change a different attribute such as the number of columns
AppleScript lets you control applications such as QuarkXPress with scripts. AppleScript is an intuitive, easy-to-learn scripting language that has been built into the Mac OS for more than 15 years
Import XML into QuarkXPress and Publish Personalized Marketing Materials
With the XML Import feature, you can use QuarkXPress to automatically generate professional-quality, personalized marketing materials quickly and easily
Conditional Styles
Automatically style content based on powerful styling rules
Easily create tables of contents, lists of Figures and more
Synchronized Content
Automatically synchronize text, pictures and formatting
Boxes and groups move automatically with your text
Import and automatically build grids of images
Synchronize assets across multiple chapters
Additional Layout and Automation Features
Indexes and automatic page numbering
Style Sheets
Speed formatting with style sheets

Reliable Print Output

Configurable PDF Job Options
QuarkXPress takes some of the guesswork and complexity out of PDF generation by allowing you to package settings for marks, compression, color management, font embedding, metadata and more into named Output Styles. That makes it easy to maintain 100% compliance with your output providers' requirements, even if you use several different providers
Reusable Output Styles
The Output Style lets you name and store groups of settings for print, EPS and PDF output so you don't have to manually change output configurations when you switch between different output requirements. You can store settings for scale, color management, printers' marks, fonts, bleed, transparency, OPI and more
Soft Proofing
With ICC profiles and a powerful color-management engine, QuarkXPress can display digital previews of what a layout will look like when it is printed to a variety of different output devices. This allows you to see how a document will look when output in grayscale, or when converted from spot color to CMYK
Spot Inks (Including PANTONE Matching System)
QuarkXPress provides you with a full suite of spot-color models from which to choose, including libraries from TRUMATCH, FOCOLTONE, DIC, TOYO and more than a dozen different PANTONE libraries, including PANTONE colors such as the new Goe and GoeBridge
ICC Color Management
ICC color management makes it easy for you to maintain consistent, predictable color on the screen, during proofing and on the press. You can even preview on your display what a layout will look like on different output devices
Bleed and Registration Marks
Accurately control and specify page size, bleeds, and color alignment with trim, registration, and bleed marks that can be included in EPS, PDF, and print output
Overprint Control
QuarkXPress gives you full control of overprinting for both delicate content such as small text and black color tones in imported EPS pictures


Import Tables and Charts from Microsoft Excel
QuarkXPress lets you import data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, arrange it into an attractive layout, then update the content from the Excel file without losing any formatting
Shared Auxiliary Dictionaries
QuarkXPress makes it easy to supplement its powerful hyphenation and spell checking with your own custom, auxiliary dictionary which can then be shared
Integration with QuarkCopyDesk
QuarkCopyDesk lets content creators concentrate on design without worrying about layout
Share and synchronize resources and catch errors before they occur
Composition Zones
Allows several people to work on the same layout simultaneously
In the Box
Quark QuarkXPress 9 Edition for Education (DVD)
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  • 90 Days of Free Technical Support
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    Mac System Requirements Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.7.5 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8.x Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9.x Mavericks
    Mac Intel processor
    2 GB RAM (1 GB minimum)
    2 GB hard disk space
    Windows System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2 or 3), Windows Vista 1.0 or Windows 7
    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
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