ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate with Dual-Core Support (Single User License, Download)

ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate with Dual-Core Support (Single User License, Download)

ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate with Dual-Core Support (Single User License, Download)


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Product Highlights

  • Adaptive Document Recognition Technology
  • Up to 99.8% Recognition Accuracy
  • Document Layout Retention
  • Wide Range of Saving Formats
  • Over 190 Languages Supported
  • Cloud Access & Document Sharing
  • Business Card Reader
  • ABBYY OCR Technology
  • Dual-Core CPU Support
  • Windows 8.1 Compatible
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ABBYY FRCEFW12E overview

  • 1Description

This download of FineReader 12 Corporate with Dual-Core Support from ABBYY allows you to create editable, searchable files and e-books from scans of paper documents, PDFs, and digital photographs. ABBYY FineReader Corporate provides text recognition and document processing for your home or office. ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate also improves on the speed and accuracy of text recognition and conversion from its predecessor, eliminating the need to retype or reformat your documents.

This version of ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate is ideal for the conversion of medium to high amounts of documents in small to mid-sized offices or workgroups. It is compatible with computers running Windows and Windows Server with two CPU cores and offers a Single User License. A Single User License will allow the software to be installed on one system, using a software key that is unique to that installation.

Please note that you do not need a minimum number of CPU cores to run ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate. The program will operate using the number of cores that the CPU has. In addition, only ABBYY's Hot Folder function is able to take advantage of a multi-core system.

FineReader 12 Corporate Features

Faster Conversion & Higher Accuracy
Providing up to 99.8% recognition accuracy, FineReader 12 delivers up to 15% faster document processing than before. FineReader also offers up to 30% better retention of charts and graphs, to simplify working with business documents. Improved language capabilities help to raise accuracy even further
Dual-Core CPU Support for ABBYY Hot Folder
ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate offers improved batch processing in Hot Folder with the option of dual-core processor support. Hot Folder speeds up document conversions for single or multiple batches. In addition, it offers more file naming options, allowing users to add prefixes and suffixes to file or folder names in order to better organize them. Thanks to individual file processing in Hot Folder, users can begin working on processed documents without waiting for the other documents to be converted.
Cloud Access and Document Sharing
ABBYY FineReader 12 Corporate provides direct integration with Microsoft SharePoint Online and Office 365 for effective sharing of converted documents and retrieving images. Documents can also be easily retrieved and sent to most cloud file storages: Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and more. Documents may be opened and saved documents by using native Windows dialogs.
Business Card Reader for Windows
ABBYY Business Card Reader allows you to move contact information from paper cards to Microsoft Outlook or contacts - or export data to vCard format (*.vcf). Works equally well with special business cards scanners and traditional scanners and MFPs
Enhanced Recognition Technology for Arabic and Asian Languages
Along with significantly improved accuracy for Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, FineReader 12 also supports 190 languages - 48 of them featuring dictionary support
Instant Document Opening & Background Processing
FineReader 12 allows immediate access to the documents you open, while the time consuming and resource intensive OCR process runs in the background. This means that while FineReader is working on recognition, you can view content, rearrange pages, edit recognized areas or even select snippets for immediate citation
Quick Text and Tables Extraction
Extracting sections of text or tables is fast with FineReader. Just select an area you need to copy and right-click on it to pull the quote - no need to wait while the rest of the document's pages are being processed. FineReader will convert the selected area immediately, allowing you to insert it into another document
Improved Conversion of Tables & Numerical Data
FineReader 12 improves table conversion by up to 40% saving engineers, financial professionals and educators significant time and effort correcting results
Image Enhancement Technology for Archived Copies
Turn photographed documents into scan-quality images using the automatic image pre-processing options, manually apply improvements such as auto-crop of multiple images or whiten background of old documents, which have turned yellow or grey with time. Enhance the reading and printing experience for searchable PDFs by using the PreciseScan technology which smooths pixelated characters, improving the visual quality of your documents. Plus, the tool for removing color stamps and pen marks assures better recognition quality and improves the appearance of basic business documents
Faster Results Verification & Correction
The enhanced Verification tool now allows you to apply both spelling and formatting corrections, with intuitive hot keys and tab controls to navigate through the verification process
Designed for Windows 8
FineReader 12 is Windows 8 certified and utilizes options provided by the operating system to make your work more productive. Now you have quick access to one-click conversion tasks right from the Windows 8 start screen and can use basic touch gestures to scroll and zoom on laptops with touch screens

OCR Accuracy and Layout Retention

Enhanced Recognition Accuracy
The FineReader 12 delivers up to 99.8% recognition accuracy
Document Layout Retention
Retains almost all document layout elements, such as charts, diagrams, text columns, images, tables, and more
Multilingual Document Recognition
Process documents with any combination of the 190 supported languages. 45 of the 190 languages also have dictionary support
Integration with Microsoft Word Custom Dictionary
Create customized word lists for processing industry- or profession-specific documents
Custom User Dictionaries
Add words or create your own dictionaries
Table Cell Content Recognition
Specify the cell type as well as its properties, such as text orientation, images, language and numbers in the "Image" window of FineReader 12
Intelligent Background Filtering
Employ dynamic threshold technology, prior to OCR recognition, to adjust contrast when converting grayscale and color images to black and white for better recognition results
Recognition Mode for Faxes and Typewritten Documents
Specify a document's "print type" and apply it to the entire document, selected blocks, or table cells
Other Features
  • Automatic detection of document languages
  • Font retention
  • Processing of documents with signatures, company stamps, and line numbering
  • Recognition of vertical, color, and inverted text
  • Recognition of 1-D and 2-D barcodes
  • Multi-Page Document Reconstruction

    Adaptive Document Recognition Technology (ADRT)
    To preserve the structure of the original, ABBYY ADRT analyzes and processes each multi-page document as a single entity, rather than as a batch of independent pages. This enables the reconstruction of formatting elements, such as hierarchic heading structures, table of contents, headers, footers, vertical headers, page numbering, footnotes, fonts, font styles, image captions, table captions, diagram captions, logical text flow, and margin notes
    Accurate Recognition of Magazine-Style Pages
    FineReader 12 Corporate provides automatic and accurate conversion of complex page images with integrated text. You can manually mark text areas for efficient processing of documents with background graphics
    Table Structure Recreation
    FineReader 12 Corporate can accurately recognize and recreate tables and spreadsheets, including multi-page tables, that are fully editable in Microsoft Excel
    Other Features
  • Recreation of bullet points and numbering
  • Retention of Hyperlinks
  • Efficiency & Productivity

    Automatic Recognition
    FineReader 12 Corporate can automatically perform OCR as soon as a document is scanned or opened
    Fast Processing Mode
    Recognition is up to 70% faster in Thorough mode
    Black & White Processing Mode
    Black & White mode is ideal for smaller documents and is up to 30% faster than Full Color mode
    High-Speed, Multi-Core Processing
    Processing multi-page documents is divided and performed in parallel to streamline workflow and increase speed
    Full-Text Search with Search-and-Replace Tool
    You can find and replace words or phrases without saving to an external application
    Shared Languages & Dictionaries
    FineReader 12 Corporate allows multiple users to simultaneously access the same set of user languages and dictionaries available on the network. Users can also add names, acronyms, industry terms, and other words to shared dictionaries
    ABBYY Screenshot Reader (Registered Users Only)
    If you're a registered ABBYY user, you can quickly retrieve text or tables from any area on the screen including Windows Explorer file menus, error messages, Web pages, flash presentations, and more

    Archiving & PDF Conversion

    Pre-Defined Profiles for Saving Files
    You'll be able to save files using one of the three pre-defined profiles, best quality, compact size, and balanced
    Saving to Different Types of PDF & PDF/A
    FineReader 12 Corporate allows you to save to different types of PDF and PDF/A, which are text under image, text over image, text and pictures, and image only
    MRC Compression for Sharing & Archiving PDFs
    FineReader 12 Corporate provides up to 80% smaller file sizes than the previous version with minimal quality degradation
    PDF Outline Creation
    Automatically reconstruct PDF outlines for comfortable navigating and reading of a PDF
    Comprehensive PDF Processing
    Process any type of PDF, even scanned files without a text layer (image only PDFs) and files with non-standard encoding
    Saving as Tagged PDF Documents
    Tagged PDFs are optimized for handheld devices and screen readers. In this format, text is automatically reformatted to fit the current screen size
    Access for Visually Impaired Users
    Searchable, converted documents are more accessible than the originals for people with visual disabilities
    Document Properties Extraction
    While converting PDF files, FineReader 12 Corporate can extract the following type of metadata, title, subject, author, and keywords
    Detection of Internal Links and Hyperlinks in PDF
    Retains internal links and hyperlinks in output documents
    Making Changes to PDFs
    Allows users to make changes to PDF files directly in the FineReader text editor
    Export to DjVu for Easy Reading or Archiving
    FineReader 12 Corporate enables saving to DjVu, which delivers high-quality, readable images requiring minimal storage space
    Other Features
  • Saving to searchable PDF
  • Saving to PDF/A for long-term archiving
  • Ease of Use

    Interface Driven by Results
    Key functions are grouped together for easy access at the top level
    Intelligent Tasks
    Pre-programmed tasks make it easier to perform the most common OCR tasks
    Quick Preview of Opening Documents
    You can preview documents before opening them so you can quickly select the pages or documents you need to process
    One-Step Conversion from within External Applications and Windows Start Menu
    You'll be able to access Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), right-click from Windows Explorer, or access the FineReader folder in the Windows Start menu
    Direct Export to Multiple Applications & Clipboard
    FineReader 12 Corporate supports applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Writer, and Adobe Acrobat/Reader. FineReader also supports export to email applications, web browsers, and clipboard
    Image Pre-Processing Tools
    All image pre-processing functions for photo correction are grouped together and can be quickly accessed from the "Image Editor" window
    Verification Tool for Proofreading
    Highlights questionable characters and words that aren't found in dictionaries and offers alternatives for substitution. Alternatives for ideographic characters in Asian languages are also provided
    Text Editor
    The smart Text Editor allows you to review document layouts and easily correct them before saving
    Split Document Tool
    The split document tool facilitates bulk conversion of mixed-type documents
    Document Pages Re-Numbering
    FineReader 12 Corporate enables easy page re-numbering after duplex scanning or splitting book pages
    Other Features
  • Recognition language name automatic suggestion
  • Recognition of selected pages
  • Direct printing from FineReader
  • Camera OCR for Digital Photo Recognition

    Automatic Digital Photo Pre-Processing
    Automatically apply pre-processing functions on images captured with standard digital and smartphone cameras before recognition. These pre-processing functions include:
  • Detection of page orientation
  • Straightening curved text lines
  • Splitting dual pages
  • Deskewing
  • Correction of image resolution
  • 3D perspective distortion correction
  • Manual Image Editing Tools
  • Splitting images into multiple pages
  • Rotate 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Crop
  • Invert
  • Correction of image resolution
  • ISO noise correction
  • Trapezium crop
  • Blurred images correction
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Levels
  • Eraser
  • E-Book Creation

    EPUB & FB2 Formats
    You'll be able to enable e-book creation in the most common formats, EPUB and FUB2
    Send to Amazon Kindle Account
    You'll be able to send your e-book to your Amazon Kindle account (not included, sold separately)
    Snapshot of New Features in FineReader 12 Corporate vs. FineReader 12 Professional
    Productivity and Automated Batch Processing:
    - Dual-Core Core Processing Support in ABBYY HotFolder Utility
    - Automated Document Conversion with Customizable Quick Tasks
    - Batch Conversion with ABBYY HotFolder
    - Automated and Scheduled Document Processing with ABBYY Hot Folder
    - Monitoring and processing of the documents coming to local or network folders, FTP-folders, and mailboxes

    Effective Collaboration
    - Support for Network Scanners and MFPs in ABBYY HotFolder
    - Share Customizable Tasks Inside a Workgroup
    - License Manager Utility for Controlling License Usage in LAN

    Bonus Products
    - ABBYY Business Card Reader
    Table of Contents
    • 1Description

    ABBYY FRCEFW12E specs

    Operating System Requirements Microsoft Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 / 2012 R2 / 2008 / 2008 R2 / 2003
    For working with localized interfaces, corresponding language support required
    System Requirements PC with 1 GHz or faster CPU
    1 GB of RAM
    In a multiprocessor system, an additional 512 MB of RAM is required for each additional processor core
    850 MB of hard disk space for typical program installation and 850 MB free space for optimal program operation
    Video card with a 1280 x 1024 resolution or higher
    Internet connection required to activate your serial number. Some FineReader 12 versions support activation by phone in addition to activation by Internet. Connection charges for telephone or Internet may apply.
    Terminal Server Support Terminal server support is not available with this license
    Recommended Requirements FineReader supports TWAIN- and WIA-compatible scanners, multi-function peripherals (MFPs) and all-in-one devices. You can find such scanners among the popular models offered by Avision, Brother, Canon, Epson, Fujitsu, HP, Kodak, Lexmark, Microtek, Mustek, Oki, Panasonic, Plustek, Ricoh, Visioneer, VuPoint, Xerox, and many other vendors.

    Recommended Requirements for Digital Cameras:
    5-megapixel sensor (minimum - 2-megapixel)
    Flash disable feature
    Manual aperture control or aperture priority mode
    Manual focusing
    An anti-shake system or the use of a tripod is recommended
    Optical zoom

    Supported File Formats Input Formats
    BMP (black & white, gray, color)
    PCX, DCX (black & white, gray color)
    JPEG, JPEG 2000 (gray, color)
    JBIG2 (black & white)
    PNG (black & white, gray, color)
    TIFF (black & white, gray, RGB color, CMYK color, multi-page)
    PDF (PDF 1.7 or earlier)
    XPS (XML Paper Specification, requires Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0)
    DjVu (Image compression technology designed for scanned documents
    GIF (graphics interchange format)

    Document Saving Formats
    DOC (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document)
    DOCX (Microsoft Word 2007-2010 Document)
    XLS (Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Workbook)
    XLSX (Microsoft Excel 2007-2010 Workbook)
    PPTX (Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2010 Presentation)
    RTF (Rich Text Format)
    PDF, PDF/A (Text & pictures only, text over the page image, text under the page image)
    HTML (HTML document)
    CSV (Microsoft Office Excel Comma-Separated Values file)
    TXT (Text Document with Windows, DOS Mac, & ISO codepages and Unicode encoding)
    ODT ( Writer format)
    DjVu (File format for storing compressed scanned images)
    EPUB (EPUB document)
    FB2 (FB2 document)

    Image Saving Formats
    BMP (black & white, gray, color)
    TIFF (black & white, gray, RGB color, CMYK color, multi-image)
    PCX, DCX (black & white, gray, color)
    JPEG, JPEG 2000 (gray, color)
    JBIG2 (black & white)
    PNG (black & white, gray, color)
    Supported Languages Interface Languages
    Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

    Recognition Languages
    Abkhaz, Adyghe, Afrikaans, Agul, Albanian, Altaic, Arab (Saudi Arabia), Armenian (Eastern), Armenian (Western), Armenian (Grabar), Avar, Aymara, Azerbaijani (Cyrillic), Azerbaijani (Latin), Bashkir, Basic, Basque, Belarusian, Bemba, Blackfoot, Breton, Bugotu, Bulgarian, Buryat, C/C++, Catalan, Cebuano, Chamorro, Chechen, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Chukchee, Chuvash, COBOL, Corsican, Crimean Tatar, Croatian, Crow, Czech, Dakota, Danish, Dargwa, Dungan, Dutch (Belgium), Dutch, English, Eskimo (Cyrillic), Eskimo (Latin), Esperanto, Estonian, Even, Evenki, Faroese, Fijian, Finnish, Fortran, French, Frisian, Friulian, Gagauz, Galician, Ganda, German (Luxembourg), German (new spelling), German, Greek, Guarani, Hani, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Ido, Indonesian, Ingush, Interlingua, Irish, Italian, Java, Jingpo, Kabardian, Kalmyk, Karachay-balkar, Karakalpak, Kasub, Kawa, Kazakh, Khakass, Khanty, Kikuyu, Kirghiz, Kongo, Korean (Hangul), Korean, Koryak, Kpelle, Kumyk, Kurdish, Lak, Latin, Latvian, Lezgi, Lithuanian, Luba, Macedonian, Malagasy, Malay, Malinke, Maltese, Mansi, Maori, Mari, Maya, Miao, Minangkabau, Mohawk, Moldavian, Mongol, Mordvin, Nahuatl, Nenets, Nivkh, Nogay, Norwegian (Nynorsk & Bokmal), Numbers, Nyanja, Occidental, Ojibway, Ossetian, Papiamento, Pascal, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Quechua, Rhaeto-Romance, Romanian, Romany, Rundi, Russian (old spelling), Russian, Rwanda, Sami (Lappish), Samoan, Scottish Gaelic, Selkup, Serbian (Cyrillic), Serbian (Latin), Shona, Simple chemical formulas, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Sorbian, Sotho, Spanish, Sunda, Swahili, Swazi, Swedish, Tabasaran, Tagalog, Tahitian, Tajik, Tatar, Thai, Tok Pisin, Tongan, Tswana, Tun, Turkish, Turkmen (Cyrillic) Turkmen (Latin) , Tuvinian, Udmurt, Uighur (Cyrillic), Uighur (Latin), Ukrainian, Uzbek (Cyrillic), Uzbek (Latin), Vietnamese, Welsh, Wolof, Xhosa, Yakut, Yiddish, Zapotec, Zulu

    Languages with Dictionary Support
    Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Armenian (Eastern), Armenian (Western), Armenian (Grabar), Bashkir, Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch (Belgium), Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German (new spelling), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean (Hangul), Korean, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian (Bokmal), Norwegian (Nynorsk), Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tatar, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese

    In local editions of ABBYY FineReader 12, Arabic OCR and some other languages may not be supported.
    Supported Applications Microsoft Word 2003 (11.0) / 2007 (12.0) / 2010 (14.0) / 2013 (15.0)
    Microsoft Excel 2003 (11.0) / 2007 (12.0) / 2010 (14.0) / 2013 (15.0)
    Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (11.0)(with Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel & PowerPoint 2007 formats) / 2007 (12.0) / 2010 (14.0) / 2013 (15.0)
    Corel WordPerfect X5 / X6
    Adobe Acrobat/Reader (8.0 or later)
    Apache OpenOffice Writer 3.4 / 4.0

    Note: To ensure better compatibility, we recommend installing the latest updates and upgrades available for the above applications.
    Supported Barcode Types Code 3 of 9, Check Code 3 of 9, Code 3 of 9 without asterisk, Codabar, Code 93, Code 128, EAN 8, EAN 13, IATA 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, QR Code, Check Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, Popstnet, Industrial 2 of 5, UCC-128, UPC-A, UPC-E, PDF417, Aztec Code, Data Matrix, Patch Code

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