Ricoh FV-G030B1 GigE Vision 1/3" Interline VGA Monochrome Progressive CCD Camera (No Lens)

Ricoh FV-G030B1 GigE Vision 1/3" Interline VGA Monochrome Progressive CCD Camera (No Lens)

Ricoh FV-G030B1 GigE Vision 1/3" Interline VGA Monochrome Progressive CCD Camera (No Lens)

B&H # RI118UXGAMPC MFR # 155100
Ricoh FV-G030B1 GigE Vision 1/3" Interline VGA Monochrome Progressive CCD Camera (No Lens)

Ricoh FV-G030B1 GigE Vision 1/3" Interline VGA Monochrome Progressive CCD Camera (No Lens) Back View

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The Ricoh FV-G030B1 GigE Vision 1/3" Interline VGA Monochrome Progressive CCD Camera captures black and white images at a resolution of up to 648 x 494 at 90 fps. It is suitable for diverse inspection applications, including positioning before each process in screen printing, circuit board mounted device part checks, automotive component flaw detection, etc. The camera's Area of Interest (AOI) scan mode allows for high-speed inspection. The user can freely define the start line and width of the image data. By scanning images of only the necessary portions, it is possible to transfer only the images required. This speeds up inspections by shortening the time required for reading and transferring data.

The camera's strobe signal output function allows the user to adjust the camera exposure timing (delay, time) and light emission timing (delay, time) in accordance with the trigger input signal received by the camera. The exposure-interval signal output-which can start the next exposure during the transfer of the previous image-makes it possible to achieve high-speed work inspection, thereby raising inspection efficiency. In addition, since the camera exposure interval is output externally, it can be used for various purposes.

The FV-G030B1 GigE Vision Camera incorporates image processing functions including Lookup table (gamma curve), auto gain control (AGC), and Auto electronic shutter control. These pre-processing functions reduce the PC's CPU burden and increase the transfer speed. The lookup table (gamma curve) feature allows the camera to correct luminance at all gradients using an onboard lookup table prepared by the user, based on subject characteristics and inspection objectives. The lookup table can also be prepared as a CSV file and uploaded.

1/3" interline VGA monochrome progressive CCD (ICX424AL)
Captures images of up to 648 x 494 resolution at a frame rate of up to 90 fps
Pre-processing functions reduce PC processing burden and increase image processing performance
Auto Gain Control (AGC) feature enables automatic gain adjustment in camera
Auto Electronic Shutter Control function automatically controls the shutter in response to changes in subject light intensity
Scan modes include full scan and Area of Interest (AOI) scan
AOI scan mode scan mode enables efficient scanning, while enhancing inspection quality and speed
Trigger modes include pulse width and edge preset trigger
Strobe signal output function allows the user to adjust exposure and the timing of light emission
Supports DC iris lens, so also excellent for outdoor monitoring uses
Lookup table (gamma curve) enables luminance settings at all gradients for creation of finely detailed images
Exposure-interval signal output emits the camera exposure interval enabling efficient inspection 1
Suitable for industrial applications with a wide operating voltage range (10.8 to 26.4 VDC)
Supports updating of camera firmware via Ethernet
In addition to camera tripod screw holes, M4 screw holes are located on two sides (top and bottom)
Sturdy construction for increased mounting precision
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  • 1Description
Imager 1/3" interline VGA monochrome progressive CCD (ICX424AL)
Total Picture Elements 692 (H) x 504 (V)
Picture Elements Active Picture Elements (VGA): 648 (H) x 494 (V)
Cell Size 7.4 (H) x 7.4 (V) µm
Vertical Frequency 89.91172 Hz at full resolution
0.72028 to 360.33325 Hz adjustable via communication (frame rate depends on AOI setting)
Maximum Frame Rate: 360.33325 Hz, when vertical resolution AOI setting is 104
Horizontal Frequency 47.2028 kHz
Pixel Frequency 36.8181 MHz
Noise Level ≤3 digit (0 dB gain) @ 8-bit output
≤12 digit (0 dB gain) @ 10-bit output
≤48 digit (0 dB gain) @ 12-bit output
Minimum Illumination 0.58 lux at f/1.2, 89.91172 Hz
Lens Mount C mount (lens not included)
Synchronization System Internal
Video Output Format Digital 8-, 10-, or 12-bit raw data or RGB 8-bit
Exposure Time Preset Continuous Mode: 10 to 16,777,215 μs
Preset Trigger Mode: 10 to 16,777,215 μs
Pulse-Width Mode: 10 μs to unlimited
Gain 0 to 20.4 dB
Automatic Light Compensation (ALC) Auto iris lens, electronic iris, and AGC (On/Off)
Gamma Gamma 1.0 (factory default) or uploadable gamma table
Function AOI Function: Programmable AOI setting via the communication
Smear Smear Reduction: Selectable On/Off via the communication
Operational Modes Edge preset trigger, Pulse width trigger (unlimited long exposure)
Interface IEEE802.3 (1000BASE-T)
Protocol GigE Vision 1.2 and GenICam 2.0 compliant
Communication UART Communication through Ethernet port
Connectors RJ45
DC iris lens connector (EMUDEN M1951 or equivalent)
Power / I/O connector (Hirose HR10A-7R-6PB or equivalent)
Input / Output 1 x Opt-isolated input
2 x LVTTL output
Lens Control DC iris control input with video level target, peak/average, and zone weight settings via the communication
Accuracy Optical Center Accuracy:
Positional Accuracy in H and V Directions: ±0.3 mm
Rotational Accuracy of H and V Directions: ±1.5°
Input Voltage 10.8 to 26.4 VDC
Consumption <5 W
Operational Temperature 23 to 95°F (-5 to 35°C)

Temperature of the camera housing (top plate) should not exceed 149°F (65°C).

Storage Temperature -22 to 149°F (-30 to 65°C)
Vibration 20 to 200 to 20 Hz (5 minutes/cycle), acceleration 10G, 3 directions 30 minutes each
Shock Acceleration 38G, half amplitude 6 ms, 3 directions 3 times each
Compliance EMS: EN61000-6-2, EMI: EN55011, FCC PART 15 subpart B class A
RoHS compliant
Camera Mount Screws 2 x 1/4" tripod screw hole (1 on each top and bottom plate)
12 x M4 screw hole (4 on each top and bottom plate, 2 on each side plate)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1.4 x 1.4 x 2.0" (35.0 x 35.0 x 50.8 mm) excluding protrusions
Weight Approximately 4.2 oz (120.0 g)
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