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Devek Gaffer Tape (1" x 45 yd, Neon Yellow)

Devek Gaffer Tape (1" x 45 yd, Neon Yellow)
Key Features
  • Vinyl-Coated Cloth
  • Non-Reflective, Matte Finish
  • High Tensile and Adhesive Strength
  • No Residue
This roll of Neon Yellow Gaffer Tape from Devek measures 1" in width and 45 yd (135') in length. The high performance tape is made of self-wound, durable, vinyl-coated cloth which is first primed and then coated with a high tack adhesive. It's applied with very little effort, tears easily, is not too sticky while handling, and can be repositioned. The tape adheres to most surfaces, features an improved resistance to creep, and does not leave adhesive residue—a typical side effect of gaffer tape.
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