Class on Demand Video Download: Objective C for Beginners

Class on Demand Video Download: Objective C for Beginners

Class on Demand Video Download: Objective C for Beginners

Class on Demand Video Download: Objective C for Beginners

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  • Instructor: Mark Lassoff
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Master the concepts of Objective C with the video download Objective C for Beginners from Class on Demand. Objective C is a derivate of the C programming language, and is necessary for creating iOS applications. In this course you'll learn everything you need to know about the Objective C programming language to competently start on learning the iOS libraries and development. This course starts with the basics of Objective C variables and moves through more complex concepts like the Objective C foundation classes, data structures, and creating your own classes and objects. In this course, you'll work with instructor Mark Lassoff to master the concepts of Objective C programming used by iPhone and iPad application developers worldwide.

Note: This course requires some knowledge of C programming.

Lessons (Run Time)

Chapter One: Getting Started with Objective C

1.1 Welcome and XCode (3:56)
1.2 Hello World with Objective C and NSLog (9:59)
1.3 Objective C and printf() Style Formats (5:43)

Chapter Two: Variables in Objective C

2.1 Primitive C Variables in Objective C (9:27)
2.2 Typecasting Variables (5:12)
2.3 Enumerations (6:44)
2.4 Structures (structs) (8:24)
2.5 Using #define and #const (4:55)

Chapter Three: Objective C Functions

3.1 Creating the Function Prototype and Implementation (7:02)
3.2 Passing Values to a Function (8:26)
3.3 Receiving a Return Value from a Function (7:05)

Chapter Four: NSArrays in Objective C

4.1 Creating Arrays (11:25)
4.2 NS Mutable Array (10:07)
4.3 NSArray Methods (15:43)

Chapter Five: Numbers and Number Formats

5.1 The NSNumber Object (9:55)
5.2 Formatting Numbers with NSNumberFormatter (10:01)

Chapter Six: Strings in Objective C

6.1 The NSString Class and NSMutableString (9:12)
6.2 Simple String Manipulation with String Classes (8:34)
6.3 Search and Replace with String Classes (9:14)

Chapter Seven: NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary

7.1 Declaring an NSDictionary Object (9:15)
7.2 Reading Data from an NSDictionary Object (6:03)
7.3 Manipulating NSDictionary with Methods (6:07)

Chapter Eight: Creating Your Own Classes

8.1 Objects Versus Classes (5:42)
8.2 Declaring Class Properties and Tasks (9:58)
8.3 The @property and @synthesize Statements (8:44)
8.4 Creating an Instance Object from Your Class (9:07)

Chapter Nine: Creating Your Own Classes 2

9.1 Class init Methods (5:44)
9.2 Class Inheritance (4:01)
9.3 Overriding Tasks (4:01)
9.4 Class Level Methods (5:36)

About the Presenter

Mark Lassoff majored in communication and computer science with computers and programming as strong interests. Upon completing his college career, Mark worked in the software and web development departments at several large corporations. In 2001, on a whim, while his contemporaries were conquering the dot-com world, Mark accepted a position training programmers in a technical training center in Austin, Texas. It was there he fell in love with teaching programming.

Previously, Mark was a top technical trainer, traveling the world, providing training for software and web developers. Mark's training clients include the Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Discover Card Services, and Kaiser Permanente. In addition to traditional classroom training, Mark has authored and hosted video courses for several publishers, including his own company, Inc. Mark has authored over 15 online courses and works with students from all 50 states and over 47 countries.

Teaching programming has been Mark's passion for the last 10 years. That passion led Mark to found LearnToProgram, Inc., a publisher of books and video courses designed to teach web, mobile, and game development. Mark still actively authors and teaches courses for his company.

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Instructor Mark Lassoff
Run Time 3:55:22
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